Part 6

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Burgess pushed himself far more than his body might have otherwise preferred to have been pushed as he hurried.

Behind him, the Indian whore would undoubtedly be slowed in pursuit as she searched for sign while he could not afford such luxury.

He managed to pull himself up to the top of yet another ridge when he spotted something in the hollow just below; a discarded carbine lay against a tree while someone worked on whatever it was that they'd shot nearby.

As Burgess ever so slowly moved to approach from behind, he carefully chose his route as best he could under the circumstances.

The man below him hummed a tune as he worked to mask any sound that Burgess might have made in passing; if luck was still with him.

With studied purpose, he crossed over and through the foot path of the hunter as he wondered what the Indian whore would make of it as he back stepped up the trail.

Perhaps not anywhere near as eloquent as the burred saddle may have been, at least this stood a chance of passing first inspection for as long as he may need it to.

Not having wanted to waste any more time that he would need later, Burgess moved out and away from the man and his deer.

Now he could afford to circle back around to the cabin and wait.

The Indian whore undoubtedly would have heard the gunfire much like he had earlier and appear soon enough as she continued to stalk him.

Let her figure it out what really happened in these woods while he healed and made ready.

There was a reason Indians like her ran as wild as they did - they were just too stupid and ignorant to have known any better; while he on the other hand was savvy enough to use whatever he could to survive and get away with, while still having managed to get a poke at her along the way.

With any luck at all, he'd be safe and back in the cabin before she managed to find the error of her ways and came looking for him.

If she was anywhere as smart as she appeared to be.

Unfortunately for her, by then he would be waiting for and ready for a proper piece or two of red meat.

Beggars could not be choosers when it came to such delectable opportunities such as this, he mused.

And he knew what he wanted in more ways than one.

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