Chapter X -- Counteractions

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Summer, 1878 / Goblin's Toe, Wyoming

Nadia felt content and well sated.

For the first time since they'd settled in the town of Goblin's Toe, she also felt completely relaxed and rested as her equally sated husband Mikhail gently nuzzled the nape of her neck which brought a flush and laugh as her hand rose to tangle with his long brown hair.

Mikhail gently slipped his hand forward over her hip to pull her suggestively close as they walked toward the back office of their brothel.

Days like this made her appreciate life out on the western frontier and everything that came with it.

Bliss from their feral run had allowed Nadia to let her long blond hair run wild, no longer bothered with the tight weave of ponytail that she'd often favored otherwise.

She felt Mikhail tense against her as she looked up to find that their vampire partners had been patiently waiting for them.

Natalia, she would have expected; but certainly not Leviticus LaRouchette - which didn't bode well at all for what may have transpired while they had been away.

Close-cropped blond hair cut flat, the tall angular master vampire casually leaned against the wall with arms folded across his chest while his companion remained seated in her chair nearby.

The sharp cut of his gray pinstripe suit hung tight to his frame, while the white shirt beneath lay in stark contrast to his pale skin as narrow lips formed a smile that did not echo entirely through his ice-blue eyes.

When he unfolded his arms she was somewhat startled to find that a deputy's badge had been pinned to his lapel.

If someone had put a master vampire in charge of the law, things were plenty bad indeed.

"Welcome back." LaRouchette offered evenly with a faint hint of amusement at the twitch of his lip.

His companion, the ever elegant raven-haired Natalia De Lascanti; sat at their desk with account books open and ready for inspection.

Emerald green eyes looked them over while her dark lips turned in a smile to match that of LaRouchette.

Dressed well in satin and lace, the result showed the vampire's class was well above that of the common folk in the town around them.

Nadia felt a sharp stab of apprehension as she looked from one vampire to the other.

"Has something happened?"

She felt Mikhail's hand fall away as she moved further into the room while he stepped aside to close the door behind them.

Natalia leaned forward and closed the books. "We had a visitor while you were gone. Someone who wanted to ... share his regards."

"My dear," LaRouchette gently chided. "Should we not tell her of the bank robbery first? They may want to know of what excitement they have missed while out frolicking along the trail."

He looked from Nadia to Mikhail and back with a raised brow of question.

"They do call what you two were doing ... frolicking, do they not?" he asked with feigned amusement, clearly at their expense.

Nadia curbed the rise of irritation as she looked from one vampire to the other, while having pointedly ignored LaRouchette's rudeness.

"Someone robbed the bank? Was anyone hurt?"

In answer, Natalia looked down at the surface of the desk with a frown before she reached over to pull open a drawer and carefully retrieve a long blue scarf that she let drop to softly pool upon the desk.

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