Part 7

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Nadia and her mate Mikhail gathered just outside the monastery, feral paws clenched in dirt as they pooled their information with mixed whimper, whine and growl while they formulated their plan.

Mikhail moved away as Nadia began her change to more human form which ended as she rested upon her back; unkempt blond hair pooled about as sweat glistened over much of her naked skin.

With a groan, she rolled to her knees as she gently patted Mikhail. "Get to Poe before he and Cat find that log or the cabin." she urged as he ran off, knowing full well what clearly had not happened and what affect it would have upon their sheriff should he find the scene before they could explain what really may have occurred and why.

Using great care, she rose to her feet as she urged her body forward.

First things first, she would need to find clothing of some sort before she gave some poor priest a heart attack. 

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