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Welcome to the Weird Wild West where both men and women have to be tough to survive.

Horsepower here is measured in hands or hooves while the caliber of weapon that you have on hand can make the difference between life and death upon the open frontier of the Western United States.

The streets are dusty, the lead hot, the women fast and the cards faster.

Quick justice under the law more often than not is found dispensed under tall trees at the end of a short rope -- if you're lucky.

Disagreements can also be finished face to face with pistols drawn at noon while the undertaker waits with his pine and an open hole to fill it with.

There are people here who are not as they seem, and others who watch them. Supernatural and mortal alike unite to reach what peace they can find between them. Hunters can become prey, and prey can become the hunter.

This is their story.

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