Part 5

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Clementine Blue found that she'd actually enjoyed the wagon ride as she and the young Doctor moved away from town and the hillside grave of her suddenly confounded sister Daniela.

Whatever heated web of sordid desire and confusion that her late sister had managed to cast upon her from the spirit world, just as quickly had faded the further that they'd traveled away from the supposed source of such nuisance.

Sudden spark of festered interest toward Bracna had echoed in ways that she was not entirely ready to address or admit even now.

Auburn-red hair tied neat just behind her; she'd kept one hand occupied as it rested over her sterling silver pendant that hadn't been spelled with anything other than the convenient excuse to avoid embarrassingly tempted or casual brush against the good looking man who rode next to her on the wagon bench.

They'd passed much of the initial the trip with idle conversation and cheerful discussion when they heard a shot from not far ahead.

"Pistol!" Bracna whispered harshly as he reined the horses to a hard stop and motioned for her to climb behind him in the wagon.

Somewhat surprised that he hadn't pulled out the shotgun sheathed next to him on his end of the bench for reasons not unlike that in which they'd currently found themselves, she knelt out of sight as she began to considered her own options.

What words she mumbled to the Goddess would hopefully protect the both of them as the wagon began to move forward once again.

Fortunately, other than the one shot, nothing else of concern had come from the same direction, as of yet anyway.

"Small things ..." she whispered to herself, "... be ever thankful for the small things ..."

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