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Any and all comments, critiques, laughter, silly string or other optional methods of input, explicitly excluding pitchforks, rotten fruit or other unmentionables is encouraged and greatly appreciated by this amateur author and will be taken in stride for both positive or negative connotations as such they may be.

In other words, *any* comments good or bad will be *greatly* appreciated and enjoyed. 

Even the bad ones, or the middle neutral not so pro or con ones as well. 8)

For more information on this series and the proper order of the stories found here or my other works elsewhere, please visit my website for more information at

Characters based upon Kelley Armstrong's Women of the Otherworld series appear with permission.

Any resemblance to persons living, dead, or undead should be plainly apparent to them and those who know them, especially if the author has been kind enough to have provided their real names and, in some cases, their descriptions and/or names or nicknames. 

All other similarities to resemblance, name or paranormal nature of real people or beings dead, undead or otherwise are entirely by accident and happenstance.

Many historical events described herein actually happened, and form the basis for the author's fictional portrayals though on occasion the author has taken certain, very small, liberties with chronology and or other particulars and locations to serve his story purposes. 

One Particular Historical note regarding references to the Sand Creek Massacre:

The Massacre of Sand Creek referred to later in this story is sadly true and was perpetrated on or about November 29th, 1864 by men under the command of Colonel John Milton Chivington.

Initially reported as victory in battle with Indian warriors by Chivington, it was later more accurately recognized as cold blooded murder of roughly fifty-three unarmed Indian men, and one-hundred ten Indian women and children when Chivington's actions were later reviewed by military superiors at his subsequent court martial and trial.

Chivington was allowed to resign and eventually died from cancer in October of 1894, stating to anyone who brought it up while he was still alive: "I stand by Sand Creek".

In 2005, the City Council of Longmont Colorado renamed Chivington Drive to Sunrise Drive once they learned of the massacre and Chivington's role in it.

May we honor all who died that awful day and hope those who were involved in such dark business now rest in peace and may the rest of us learn from their consequences of their actions as we make every effort to avoid repeating them.

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