Part 4

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Clementine Blue managed to return with both vampires just as sunrise had begun to wake the woods around them while they'd traveled in their coach that now sat empty in wait just outside.

Upon arrival and without much argument, the young doctor had been dispatched for supplies while politely instructed not to return for several hours; while what monks were yet in residence sequestered themselves elsewhere - more for their protection than as an offer of privacy.

Natalia De Lascanti carefully pulled a chair to the bedside and sat, where she examined the bandages that covered Running-Deer.

"I see our problem has become many fold." She observed softly while her fingers gently traced the edges of the wraps.

Leviticus LaRouchette sighed with clear resignation as he stood at the end of the bed while Clementine and both lycans stood along the side opposite Natalia.

"Under normal circumstances I would give her until the end of the week before she might ... pop, as it were." slim fingers of one hand twisted and rolled in a mock wave for emphasis.

Clementine gently placed a hand on Nadia's elbow as a snarl grumbled and threatened to rise from the lycan.

"Leviticus ... you ... promised ..." she reminded him sternly.

Natalia looked up at her with some surprise, before she turned with a wry smile toward the master vampire.

"Promised? I dare say that our petit amie avec beaucoup de preoccupations clearly does not know you as well as I ..."

LaRouchette seemingly ignored both women while he continued to look down upon the bandaged Indian deputy, as if deep in thought.

After several long moments passed and the tension began to falter, he finally turned to look at Clementine.

"How long can you keep her in this ..." Clementine frowned in warning as LaRouchette changed tact mid sentence with a wry smile, "... slumber of hers while she resists what urges that will undoubtedly come calling at some point along the way?" he finished politely.

Natalia seemed clearly amused at her partner's ability to impress even her with such political correctness as he'd shown; that is until he continued as she knew he undoubtedly would.

Even he could not help himself where certain appreciation for tolerance may have been better appreciated.

"One could only assume that it's well within their more animalistic nature to avoid such dalliance of delay for any such activities, is it not?"

This time it was Mikhail who placed a hand of restraint upon the arm of his mate and spoke while she turned to fully face the vampire as if to say something that he was sure they might all regret later.

"Let the witch answer, Leviticus ... please. Running-Deer will need all of our help with this, and ..." he glared at LaRouchette for emphasis, "... such mischievousness is not helping ... anyone in or out of this room."

"Alas, chien-loup is correct mon cher ..." Natalia offered to avoid further mishap, "... please allow our ... petite mademoiselle to enlighten us as it has already been a very long day for many of us, mais si?"

Although her words were meant for LaRouchette, her eyes were hard on Nadia who'd turned back to match her glare with equal intensity.

Clementine closed her eyes as tell-tale waves of energy began to flow through the room as it pricked at her skin.

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