Part 2

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Clementine Blue swept the boardwalk clear of both trail dust and dirt from the mine along with other discarded trash left by the lunch crowd while she hummed some old melody that she'd often shared with her late sister Daniela.

She could picture the two of them even now as children, hand in hand while they sang along as they plucked and gathered flowers for their mother's table.

Daniela's long brown hair would mix randomly with her auburn-red as they had danced round and round back then; now, hers splashed protectively across curved breasts and down her slender back while Daniela rested peacefully within her coffin under a hillside nearby.

Clementine's favored sterling silver pendant lay nestled securely in the narrow hollow revealed by the opening of her blouse.

A drop of blood or casual brush of her finger over the silver square and any spell that she may have cast upon it would become active and available at her whim.

Trouble had called the day before when a group of men had run into ambush while they'd attempted to rob the main bank.

As a result two men and a Pinkerton's detective now rested upon pine at the local undertaker's place of business while two others who'd chose to cut and run were now pursued by both Sheriff Poe and the Negro smithy everyone called Cat along with their Indian deputy Running-Dear.

Fortunately Poe had been quick to accept her true nature when she'd finally managed to reveal much of it to he and the others, while a casual friendship of sorts also blossomed with Cat as she'd discovered mixed blood not unlike her own flowed through his veins while other such similarities within their respective demonic nature had proven far more comfort than threat.

The sound of strained wagon wheels along with the creak of suspension under heavy load marked the approach of a wagon that disrupted her thoughts as she looked up and was pleasantly surprised to see the young doctor from Kasher Point.

Without thought, she ran her hands down and straightened her dark skirt while she pulled her white blouse neat and tight.

Matthew Bracna returned her smile as he pulled the wagon team to a stop on the roadway next to her and set the hand brake.

His head shaved of blond hair worn when they'd last met, she was embarrassed to admit her heart had sped up and warmth of a faint blush formed upon her cheeks.

She winced when she heard the soft sound of Daniela's laughter from the hillside.

"A cargo-man now Doc?" she asked with a curt smile as a faint charge of static electricity began to dance across softer far more intimate parts of her body only to tickle nether regions in subtle ways that were suddenly very hard to ignore.

What in the seven gateways of hell is wrong with me?

Bracna laughed at her pleasant discomfort mixed with not so subtle embarrassment.

"Um no ... not exactly, just some supplies shipped west for the priests that are renovating the monastery up the road. I can see that you have been hard at work cleaning up this place, it certainly looks far better than my last visit."

A flush of warmth spawned an idea and before she could stop herself as she put voice to it.

"Want company? I could use some fresh air and can pack a lunch for us quick-like."

Quick-like? Must be the spirit of Daniela ... stop it!

Her knuckles turned white as she clenched the broom with juvenile embarrassment.

She covered her momentary lapse in judgment with a quick flick of dirt from the stoop with uncertain hope that he would decline her foolish offer and save her from further mishap.

Blessedly refocused as she tended to her chores, she looked up only to find that he'd been watching her work, which only served to unsettle her usual steadfast calm.

"I met one of them ..." she offered, "... when they came through and picked up supplies. He seemed nice enough at the time."

Seemed nice enough? At the time? Daniela, if you were not dead and buried already, I'd most certainly enjoy making you pay for this. If you did not hear me before ... STOP IT!

"Why not; I'm fairly sure that even priests are prone to appreciate the use a quick broom and a soft more feminine touch every now and then about the place."

His smile continued to warm her in places that she steadfastly refused to admit.

"Let me gather the food and I'll be right back then." She offered as she tossed the broom into the wagon before she turned to rush back into the kitchen as Daniela's soft laughter seemingly followed her even as she tried to run away from it.

"When I get back, we are going to have words, sister..." she fumed under her breath.

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