Chapter VII -- Master Manipulator

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Leviticus LaRouchette turned from the spectacle at the bank.

The flat-cropped, blond-haired master vampire stood tall amongst most town people; sharp ice-blue eyes quick to notice the well-dressed stranger that had just stepped out from the Long Branch.

Even from the distance that separated them, LaRouchette sensed something odd - yet familiar - about the stranger as the man turned to casually make his way toward a nearby brothel.

With ever casual stealth, he moved to follow.

Once again he could appreciate how the locals had not been as difficult to blend in with as his companion Natalia had once predicted upon their arrival.

With the purchase of the mine now complete, they'd also managed to gain many other holdings rather easily along the way; among them partnership in a town brothel that the man he was following now approached.

LaRouchette paused near the end of the boardwalk so as not to spook his prey.

He smiled when the soft scent of jasmine gently began to caress his senses before slender arms encircled his waist as a soft chin rested upon his shoulder and a young woman pressed up against him from behind.

"Leviticus LaRouchette, you've been away far too long." Her soft voice purred as moist lips brushed just along the side of his neck.

"Pandora, you know the rules as well as I. Others will undoubtedly become very unhappy if we were to take too much too often."

This particular whore had become their favorite with her wild mane of red hair that fell thick to seductively cover strong shoulders while she also had proven unique in one very particular way; often having preferred that both vampires feed from her at the same time.

Not that many mortals had ever enjoyed the touch of a double bite and lived to tell about it.

"He certainly does look ... interesting ..." She whispered intently while the touch of her soft lips caused his spine to stiffen as her tongue flirted in dance around the lobe of one ear, "... as I've yet to meet a man who won't share his desires when properly asked, have you?"

LaRouchette smiled as they watched the man step through the doors of the brothel. "You may want to wait out here while I find out what he really wants, my dear. If I know his type, you should see him shortly and in rather desperate need for your services once I've finished with him."

Her soft lips twisted in a wry grin as he stepped away from her embrace.

"In exchange, will you finally give me what I really want?" Dark brown eyes lingered as they speculated. "It's time that I was far more than just a meal for two."

"Once we leave; then and only then, will your request be considered in full. If necessary, you could always approach the sheriff to get his opinion on the matter."

Her deeply annoyed sigh of utter frustration was telling as she settled in to wait.

"Love and hate, something some men wear like a suit." She fumed quietly.

Fortunately, for everyone else involved, patience had long proven to be one of her stronger virtues.

Well that and the knowledge of the prize that might finally be hers for the taking.

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