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This story is dedicated to my Wife Wendy and my Daughters Allison and Taylor for their patience and understanding as I spent countless hours writing and musing.

I would also like to thank Kelley Armstrong and her ever patient assistant Alison for helping to nurture countless amateur authors such as myself who enjoyed the forums, writing groups and guidance that have been offered therein.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the Fandom of the television show Forever Knight and the fan fiction that came with it. Becoming part of a fan fiction event sparked my efforts to try writing. 

In particular I have to thank both Lisa McDavid and Don Fasig for their continued work and support of the Forever Knight fandom.

We may be few and far between, come in all shapes and sizes and colors, no two alike ... but some of us are cousins of a different sort and the same inside.

Lastly, this story is in loving memory of a lost friend whose light went out long before her time. A stalwart author in her own right, she helped get what we all enjoy as fan fiction to what it is today. 

Rest in peace Susan M. Garrett, you are truly missed.

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