Part 4

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Nadia and Mikhail quickly separated as they left town along both sides of the road that Sheriff Poe and the Negro smithy had taken earlier.

It would become a game of cat and mouse as they raced to catch and overtake the two men before they could start their own search for the Indian deputy and the man whom she'd hunted as he'd made his way from town and up into the wilds of the foothills.

Utilizing their more feral forms allowed them to cover ground much faster and more efficiently than horseback might have otherwise offered.

To anyone who'd seen them, they were nothing more than a flash of paired, overly large silver-back wolves on the prowl as they held nothing back and ran full out as only wolves could when properly motivated as they were.

Running-Deer's quarry would not have left the trail for as long as necessary, if at all. With any luck they would gain headway and find him long before Poe or the smithy managed to and with any luck Running-Dear as well – if she hadn't found him already which only worried them even more.

The hope that they could protect their interests and survive any incursion one or more packs may have otherwise brought urged them on as they searched for any sign of those yet ahead of them.

Somewhere deep within each, they prayed they would be in time to fix the problem before yet more blood was spilled and they were caught in the middle yet again.

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