Part 8

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The predatory nature of Pandora's smile amused Natalia as she settled in.

"I wondered if the mansion had kept you as busy as we were." The young whore offered with dark glee.

She gasped with surprise when the vampiress suddenly moved to straddle her lap, with a not so gentle twist applied to her neck as her face was turned to the side without any warning.

Far too late to matter, benign instinct of fight or flight kicked in to bring her hands up in an otherwise futile attempt to protect herself.

"Call it my warm-up." Natalia hissed before her fangs were buried quick and deep in the soft skin of Pandora's exposed neck line.

She easily rode out the dying woman's instinctive struggles, not pulling back until the last of her living essence had been devoured and her heart fluttered as it struggled toward failure.

Back in her own seat, Natalia watched the other woman and waited patiently as her limbs jerked and twitched without control while she slid down to fall over in her seat, shock and fear still very much registered on her face.

The two of them would have fun, once she recovered from the turn.

Of that she was more than sure.

How much she would appreciate LaRouchette passing her off as he had, would remain to be seen once they got back and he eventually thought to check in on her.

It would be an amusing situation that would not be the first time that a fresh turn was to discover that they'd been duped, but certainly not mislead.

For that to have happened would simply have been bad manners indeed.

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