Part 3

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Just outside the main property line of the Ingersoll, Brandt and Munson ranch, a worn Abbot-Downing coach rolled to a stop behind a quartet of handsome black horses fairly winded from the pull.

Their destination had been aptly named "Tail Rides Inn", nothing more than a collection of simple building and work rooms with beds, wash basins, soaped lubricants, piss-pots and freshly applied linens with soft pillows for added comfort.

Not that a lot whole lot of peaceful slumber had ever occurred while business of the flesh was conducted, but the general decor appealed well enough to those who may have noticed in passing.

The aged driver, tall and narrow with bowler hat and tailed black suit climbed down to open the door for three well dressed women who stepped out; two that hurried past with giggled excitement while the last known to him as Pandora stood and patiently waited as she adjusted her gloves.

The coachman tipped his brim before he took his leave to climb back up and out of proper earshot; experience having reminded him that while their clothing would appear fresh when he picked them up, the women themselves would have the worn, haggard look and stiff walk of pained exhaustion from the hard ride and chaffed indifference of those who partook of their whoredom with nary a concern for their welfare other than they were to be properly clean and ready for them on each visit.

Natalia remained seated within the coach, having observed the ever so unsubtle look of anticipation that had passed between the two younger women who now staked claim to their rooms and made ready.

Pandora had noticed the looks as well; a smile of anticipation of her own having formed across her lips at what thoughts of profit and gain that they probably had.

Little did they know that their day of reckoning had finally arrived and once everything was said and done, it would be she who profited from their misdeeds while they suffered the consequences of their actions repeatedly and far more often than they may have otherwise preferred.

"They're counting their side-takes already and the work has yet to begin." Pandora mused as she turned back to the coach.

Natalia reached into the purse at her side to remove a small velvet bag that she handed to Pandora. "When they take to cleansing between customers, add that to their coffee or tea for taste. Tell them that it's a special blend of laudanum or other such ... medication for their troubles. Double the dose when the last of the men have left, it will help them sleep through our departure."

"We are agreed upon my reward then, when we return?"

Natalia looked deep into the other woman's dark brown eyes only to find her eager and willing for her turn.

"Much of your reward will be from my take when we return, along with other such bonuses as agreed." The vampiress replied, watching as Pandora turned to follow the others with what appeared to be a subtle dance to each step as she went.

She sighed in appreciation of the little things that could amuse a whore while she made ready for the work that lay ahead for her.

Their coachman whistled sharply as the coach began to move forward toward the mansion and the man who waited ever patiently for Natalia and her services that both were sure to enjoy.

Hunger of a very different sort would be quenched and quelled repeatedly and often by many over these next few days and for the first time in a long while she might even manage to take a moment or two along the way to properly enjoy herself as she tended to her own needs and contemplated Pandora and her turn.

Something of just desserts to look forward to, she mused.

For as far as she was concerned, she'd never met anyone who hadn't accepted such delectable dessert when it was offered so effortlessly and topped with such good will and clear understanding of the consequences involved.

Something that even she could appreciate in passing, as anything else simply would have been considered bad manners otherwise.

And she'd never been known as someone who'd ever been anything but polite and conscientious when called upon to be so as it was yet another of her many more social skills that she kept honed and ready at all times.

In polite society, anything else would have been considered a travesty and that simply would not do as far as she was concerned - ever.

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