Part 5

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Gillian Lovell smiled for the first time in several days when his carbine finally shot true and the deer that he'd been chasing dropped for the last time.

As he walked up to the dying animal, he laid the carbine against a nearby trunk and carefully rolled up his sleeves as he admired the animal.

Once he finished gutting his kill, went back to get the horse and ropes that he'd packed on the mules, he'd quarter it before he took the rest back for proper butchering.

Proper tools that were cleaned and ready waited along with several reams of butcher's paper, bottles of various salts and other such seasonings and bins for cool storage once everything was wrapped and made ready.

But first things first, he needed to clean out what he could to lighten the load and this was as good a place as any to do it.

With a sigh of pure satisfaction, he reached for his knife and unsheathed it as he prepared to get on with the tedious work that lay ahead.

At least now he would be in no hurry other than doing what needed to bedone and doing it right.

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