Part 5

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John Abraham Danvers smiled as he neared the Long Branch while he took in what was revealed of the mining town under the growing light of a new day.

It had been a long time since a mortal woman had properly paced him like Pandora had managed to do; her skills of providing carnal pleasure had been refreshing to say the least.

Musk scent of her Jasmine turned his thoughts to her soft lips and other far more supple parts of her body.

Her tongue was surely that of the devil himself, he mused, as he recalled how she'd used it to twiddle over his body in ways that he'd not soon forget.

With a knowing smile, she'd even worn his coat the last time around as she rode him like a bronco in a corral.

It would certainly give him something to think about while he traveled, as promise of much more tempted him to turn back and spend time that he did not have to waste.

The address of the brothel in San Francisco that she'd mentioned lay folded in his pocket along with several names of the women that she'd also suggested that were listed there as well. Soft whisper of how he might enjoy what they had to offer made him look forward to California.

He ordered a full breakfast to replace the energy lost during the night as several patrons watched him eat well past what they might have otherwise expected.

He just smiled and politely nodded, before he ordered yet more.

Once settled in the comfort of the stage, his thoughts wandered as to how Pandora might have helped pass the time if she were to have traveled with him.

Perhaps when he returned east he would take her back with him. It was time the pack had a few more females around that could be trusted and he was sure others would enjoy her much like he had – several times throughout the night.

The snap of the driver's whip caused the coach to lurch beneath him as it began to move while he rested his arm upon the sill of the open window as he eased back to rest his feet upon the empty seat across from him.

Not long afterward, his eyes fell closed as the sound of his snoring began to fill the coach.

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