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Bite Me. by OliverTwist96
Bite Me.by OliverTwist96
The Canadian wilderness. A vast forest filled with animals large and small. Wolves, deer, mountain lions, moose, lynxes... and bears. This is the story about a bear. No...
  • kodiakbear
  • manxman
  • werebear
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Bear hugs by JennaVandeWiel
Bear hugsby Gothic_creampuff
For a werebear the most important thing in life is their mate. However as werebears dwindled in numbers they struggled to find their mates. It's very rare for a werebear...
  • mates
  • warrior
  • sweet
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Her Werebear  by SamoHas
Her Werebear by Samo
Her Werebear He was a Gamma turned Beta. Found by his now Alpha and accepted in. Challenged by many yet never faced defeat. Silent and deadly. Not a wolf but a bear. Br...
  • werebear
  • alpha
  • wolf
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His Bunny by sundrop18
His Bunnyby sundrop18
"L -let go of me." "No," he growls harshly, nibbling on my earlobe. I bite my lip to hold back a moan, whimpering from the chaos going on inside of m...
  • bubbly
  • humor
  • innocent
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Catnip Get's Me High ( book 4) by ScaryPasta666
Catnip Get's Me High ( book 4)by ScaryPasta
Sitting in a cafe with a guy you like just talking sounds great .. Right ? Well for Harley crown it's a bit complicated .. He meets up with his mate and guess what ? H...
  • catnipgetsmehigh
  • werebear
  • werefox
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Darkest Call by GedenGedert
Darkest Callby Signe S Brummerstedt
17-year-old Penelope Smythe, or Pen as her friends call her, lost her family almost 2 years ago. Orphaned she went to live with her aunt, who too had lost her family. Be...
  • paranormal
  • orphan
  • necromancer
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Accepting Fate - (Slums to Riches, Book one) by Janine70
Accepting Fate - (Slums to Riches...by Janine
(Editing) With her sixteenth birthday approaching, a dormant side of Angelique awakens. Benjamin MacFarlane opens her eyes to a supernatural world, but ultimately puts h...
  • alpha
  • truemate
  • fantasy
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Beast by K-L-Lord
Beastby K.L.Lord
The transition of man-to-beast is a natural process for a shifter. But succumbing to the nature of a beast only happens through a lifetime of trauma. That's when you kno...
  • fantasy
  • shifter
  • teenfiction
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The Vixen by chestnutia
The Vixenby Chestnutia
Jasmine's life was fairly normal until the day she was invited to join a boarding school.
  • mylifeisalie
  • werewolvesaretoomainstream
  • highschool
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Endure by Carrie Jones (Need Series : Book 4) by prameswariff
Endure by Carrie Jones (Need Serie...by prameswariff
Everyone doesn't know how world would end. Will it be peace? Will an apocalypse occure? No one know, but that is what Zara would face. How Zara throught it? Find it out...
  • astley
  • magic
  • nick
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Oh dear sister (teen wolf fanfic) by youwillneverknow989
Oh dear sister (teen wolf fanfic)by youwillneverknow989
Emily argent, the sister of Kate argent and after six years she returns to beacon hills after hearing her old friend Laura hale was killed. Laura was the alpha that bit...
  • scott
  • stiles
  • wattys2018
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The Package Deal (Book 9) by K-L-Lord
The Package Deal (Book 9)by K.L.Lord
After the catastrophic events of Stonevale, and the devastating death toll which left a number of shifter children orphaned; it inspired a wealthy but lonely fox shifter...
  • werefox
  • werebear
  • shifter
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Sshh I Think it's Sleeping (Discontinued) by N00bWriter
Sshh I Think it's Sleeping (Discon...by Larkin
Piper is a slave. Sold to some men by her stepmother. One day her chance comes and she escapes with another slave into the forest. They stumble and hide in a cave. Explo...
  • were-bear
Werebear Hybrid by green1000
Werebear Hybridby Mystic Wolf
Elliott Nightingale is a hybrid of a werebear and a dog shifter. He lives with his over protective but caring mother, as they move around because of her job. But Elliott...
  • rejection
  • werewolf
  • slut
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Wolf Camp (Bear Naked 2) by RJEliason
Wolf Camp (Bear Naked 2)by R. J. Eliason
Wolf Camp is not your typical arts-and-crafts summer camp. It's a training ground for future werewolves, where their mental and physical limits are constantly tested and...
  • otter
  • lgbt
  • lgbtpride
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Adventures in Lucky Charm Land by Pandapolarbear3237
Adventures in Lucky Charm Landby Pandapolarbear3237
Three friends discover a world of adventure in Lucky Charm Land. This world is full of magic and time has a different meaning. Along the way they meet knew friends that...
  • fantasy
  • karatechop
  • craziness
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Tamed (Crimson Hill) by pjviibes
Tamed (Crimson Hill)by PJ Baxter
Crimson Hill - Book 1 High Rankings - #5 in werebear 8.8.18 Mason Sawyer, Mase, is the Beta of the largest wolf pack in the world: the Crimson Hill pack. He's a player...
  • boyxboy
  • werebear
  • reluctant
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The Final Battle (Living in a Pack Book Three) by Polarbear2200
The Final Battle (Living in a Pack...by Polar
  • shifters
  • werewolf
  • werebear
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