Part 7

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Ezekias Brandt woke to the morning light of day, alone and with such a sudden rush of hangover that it spun the room above him back and forth with sickening irregularity.

Even with such turbulence to start the day, he smiled with the knowledge that it was far more likely due to the loss of blood and other far more intimate fluids, and not the over indulgence of whiskey or gin ... this time.

Forcing himself upright, he managed to make his way to the window where he rested a palm flat against the wall to steady himself while he set loose a stream with practiced aim into the murky depths of the piss-pot at his feet.

"No blood or swelling this time boys ..." he observed with pleasant surprise as he looked for any bruising that may have remained visible from the previous evening's rather tawdry escapades, "... from what I can see so far, I believe that she has taken a proper shine to us." He mused as he continued to fill the pot.

"Last time she left us sore to the piss and touch ... memories to relive another day, of that I'm sure."

Through the window, he watched one of the whores carry an armful of clothing to the coachman before she entered the coach and driver whipped the horses into motion.

"Was your offer serious about the other two?" he'd asked the previous evening, voice strained as she suckled blood from his inner thigh, torn between wanting her to stop and urging her cool fingers further north for other far more proper adventure.

"The young one is a problem in need of a solution." She'd replied before the gentle touch of her tongue caressed his wound closed. With a quick shift she began to gently nuzzle along his other thigh.

"Should either survive the winter they will be welcomed back in the spring. Think of their extended availability as my gift to you for the duration. Upon return I may even bring something of a bonus for you and your men to enjoy as part of our appreciation."

Her bite made him gasp as his memory of whatever occurred afterwards became fuzzy and thin in detail.

Brandt shook his head as he finished and moved toward the closet.

"There are times I wish I had never had the pain and pleasure of that bedeviled woman." He muttered, pained just enough to notice as he pull up his trousers.

Without doubt his men would make light of his shortened stride, without ever knowing the true reasons behind it.

There was some pride to be properly sore after an adventure with such a woman.

Spring could not arrive soon enough for their next few rounds of fun.

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