Part 8

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Not quite as surprised as he should have been, Cat sensed there was a lycan nearby before he caught sight of Mikhail as he stood naked amongst a cluster of pine just ahead, clearly exerted from his recent change.

Mikhail waited patiently as he caught his breath, for Poe to move up before he stepped forward.

"Sheriff, please listen to what I have to say before you run off. There's been an unfortunate ... accident of sorts ..."

Poe moved closer with growing concern.

"With whom and with what did this accident involve?" he demanded.

"It was you're ..." Mikhail turned to Cat then back, "... other deputy, the Indian. She's at the monastery with a doctor and the man who found her."

"Cat, get this man a blanket while I untie Deer's horse. I doubt many of her clothes will suit him."

"Let me guess, you've never learned to carry clothing of any sort with you?" The big Negro mused as he handed a saddle blanket to the lycan who simply laughed at the concept.

"You know, that is not as bad an idea as it may sound, but no, we never have and probably never will."

He was surprised to find that Cat had offered him another blanket when he realized the problem as Poe brought up the other horse.

It was one thing to ride long hours while wearing pants to protect one's self from a hard saddle and entirely another when riding without as he would be now.

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