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Blue's POV






That's all that's going through my mind right now. How can she do this ? To someone she treated like her own son her entire life. She is the one hired to kill me ? Why ?

"Why ?" my voice comes as a hoarse whisper due to the lack of moisture.

"You don't deserve to know" she says in a thick French accent.

"If... Your going to kill me.... I do" I put words together.

"Fine. You are going to die anyways. Not now, of course but once the arrangements are done which would be in 3-4 days I will kill you. And make sure Alex sees it. He loves you. Seeing someone he loves die would make him stone again. And this way he can be the king once again."

I gasp.

"So let's start. 9 weeks ago a man named Marcus met me. You might know him. He wanted to destroy Alex." She scoffs "He wanted do destroy my own son. But I wouldn't have it. I will die before I let anyone destroy my son. Alex. Even you. So I decided to kill him.

But when he told me about you I knew. He just wanted to destroy Alex and not kill him. And he knew you were his weakness. So he came up with this plan. He was to die. He knew. So he said that once he dies I am to kidnap you and kill you and make sure Alex sees it. It will destroy him. And then he went on about how much his vengeance was important.

But I wouldn't have it. But he was right about one thing. You were his weakness. I realised that the minute I saw him carry a young woman into my house. So I contacted him again. But made a deal. He won't touch Alex and I will carry out his plan. He thought that killing you might destroy him. He was wrong.

Alex has a weak spot for you. So if you die. He will sulk and drink and go to bars for some months and do what normal person when someone they love dies till then, Silas will look after the mafia. Once he is back. Which he will be, because he has to find your killer he will be more ruthless then ever. I don't know if he will find out about me or not but once he does he won't kill his own mother now will he ?"

"He is not your son" I spit at her.

"Oh but he is... he is my own son. My flesh and blood."

"What ? His parents are dead."

"His foster parents are dead."

And for the second time I gasp.

"Uh-huh. I told you that story might as well tell you everything. And yes. Alex knows nothing about this. I screwed a man once, his name was Ronald Dawson. He was really it. My first everything. My love. But he was an FBI officer. I belonged to the mafia then. When he found out, he promised to take me away.

I was ready. But my family found out about it. So they killed him and took me away. I found out I was pregnant. I knew that my family would rather kill me then harbor a police kid. So I fled. Again. I went into hiding for eight months. That's when I found out that the news of Ronald being killed were now all over.

They said that he was an undercover cop. He was supposed to pull out evidence against my father and his gang. But he couldn't. And that my father found out and killed him. That shocked me. So I contacted my father again. He told me he knew all along about Donald. My pregnancy was a thorn in Donald's way to ruin my father. He was playing me. My father begged me to come back. I promised him I would after two more months.

When I gave birth to Alex he had a birthmark, on his left hip. Light but big. I made sure a normal suburban family adopted him and then I came back, like nothing happened. I paid people to know about his whereabouts. I witnessed his first steps. But when his parents were killed, I lost the touch. I never met him but I couldn't find him too. He disappeared from the face of the earth. So you can imagine my horror when Silas brought home a boy, his friend named Alex. Same name. Same child but a little mature. He was 14 when we officially met.

One day I saw him changing and saw the birthmark. That made it crystal clear. He was my son. Hence from then on I made sure he never left my sights.

But Marcus found out about it and then he hired me. He thought I could reunite with my son, once he leaves the mafia because I had left him with a normal family but when I saw him I knew. He was far from it. He as meant to be a leader. And I made sure I gave him everything he never had the privilege of. Love is weakness. I learned that lesson and fell for it. But I was lucky.

I will not let Alex too fall for it."

She says as she slaps me across the face, hard. She kicks me in the stomach and pulls my hair roughly and hits me hard again. It brrings out my old memories. About how my dad used to hit me and tell me that I was worthless.

I saw my dad for a minute there.

Oh the irony. I was born worthless and I will die worthless. Maybe, me and Alex were never meant to be. But my last wish will always be incomplete. I wanted to marry.

I look down at my engagement ring and smile to myself as I look up. At least I got to fall in love. Alex was better off without me.

I think though that this woman is taking daughter-in-law and mother-in-law rivalry to a little bit extreme.


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