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Alexander's POV

I put her gently on the bed and let the doctor check. He hitches a second before turning to me asking, "May I?". I changed her into one of my shirts and yes I saw her naked. Concealer hid  her facial marks and bruises but not her  stomach and hips. It took everything in me not to trash my room at that sight.

"Everyone out !" I say and the other four members of my ancillary  staff walk out. They are used to my grumpiness now. Leaving me and the doctor with Blue alone. Then I nod and he starts unbuttoning her from below her breasts. I don't want him to touch her but he's the doctor. He opens half the shirt and sees the bruise on her waist. He gasps.

"Where did that come from ?" He looks at me.

"I don't know." I say.

"Oh my god. Who would do such a thing to such beautiful creature?"

I tick. Are you a doctor or a fucking pervert? I hold my tongue though. He is our family doctor and he keeps everything under warps and treats my men if there is ever a fall out.

"Stop checking her out and tell me what she needs !"

"Sorry. Well judging by the looks I think she needs food, a full meal and a lot of rest.  I will prescribe some pain medication and I have checked for concussions and there are none."

"Got it."


"What did you find on her ?" I ask Silas. We are sitting in my office because he called me saying that the file is ready.

" Blue Andrews.

Age: 22

Profession: Bar-tending

Mother's name: Olivia Andrews

Father's name: Peter Andrews

Is an only child. Only the father is alive. Apparently he is a drunken idiot and she works her ass off to survive.


"Spit it out Silas."

"She is um.... kinda.... suicidal"

"What do you mean kinda ?"

" Well when she was admitted in the hospital first time at the age of 18 she tried to commit suicide. Police were not involved but the after some months she tried again and she would've been dead if not for this guy, Josh "

"Josh ?"

"The other guy at the bar"

Ah... the friend


"Not yet sure because there is no evidence to prove it but possibly being abused by the father. I am not surprised. Mother dies when the girl is 14. Father can't take it. Losses job. Becomes alcoholic and abuses daughter."

I take it all in. I swear if it's the father, he won't live to see another day.

"Thank you"

"What's up with you ?"

"I don't know what you are talking about"

"Okay." he pfft's "She looks fragile and is not used to your ways."

"She won't have to see that side of me."


I get up and make my way to my sleeping beauty in my bedroom. I push open the doors and the first thing I see is the empty bed.

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