The Ruthless Mafia

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He pulls me by my waist keeping his arm around me in a lock. Every part of our body from the waist down is touching and if i tried to move my legs we would end up on the floor since I am already on my tippy toes.

"Your mine, Blue" his voice that sends tinkles down in my stomach whispers impossible close to my lips as he gazes down in my eyes with fury and unmistakable jealousy.

"I was just talking to him." I reply back. My voice just as husky but my eyes trained on his lips.

"And he was flirting with you." He states like its a known fact. He moves even closer to me. So close that I am not sandwiched between a hard wall and a six foot something all complete muscle male.

"Alex....." I whisper. Even now when I speak my lips brush over his if I move my mouth. I knew he was possessive. But this is borderline outrageous.

"Baby if you want me to be the villain here, I will be. But remember. You are mine. Mine"


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