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Blue's POV

"What are you up to, Alex ?"

"Something naughty"

He advances towards me taking off his pants and his boxers. He leans in and steals by breath away with a kiss. He puts his hands beside my waist and slowly starts to caress my skin sliding my top up. I wiggle under him as his fingers send tingles to my body.

"Stop. Stop wiggling." He groans. It's then I realise what he meant. I was unknowingly rubbing my pelvis right at his crotch.

I smile an evil smile and start wiggling a little more. Rubbing off on him. Slowly, teasingly. He groans and removes his hand and tears my top off. Literally. I gasp loudly. He tears off the remains too and throws them off me. He opens my shorts button and pulls them down.

He removes them. Now I am in my underwear below him. This isn't as awkward as it should be. I am quite comfortable. I am a little panicked though. I look at him with wide eyes, filled with panic. He smirks and says,

"Try wiggling again and see what happens then."

I don't know what comes over me but I lift up my pelvis and rub it hard against him. I look up at him innocently biting the inside of my lip. He puts his arm against my waist and pokes me hard. I pull up and accidentally rub his crotch again.

This is happening quite often.

"Uncuff me" I groan, as my panties wet.

"No, baby, no ways"

He puts both his arms on my waist and locks me in his arms holding me tightly. Then he rips my panties with his mouth. His biceps flex.

Something abouth this carnal, primeval situation turns me on way more that it should. As his hot mouth blows hot air in my naked clit I moan. He smiles. Then parts my legs. He dips his head and runs his tongue over my clit. I lift it up to get more friction. But he pulls away.

"It's a punishment for teasing me when I specifically told you not to."

I groan and he chuckles. He runs his tongue once more and my vaginal walls clench. He dips a finger inside me without warning and a scream rips out my throat. He starts his merciless motion. In and out.

In "that's"

Out "for"

Another finger. In. "Teasing me"

Out "and"

In "for"

Out "not"

In "listening"

Out "to"

In "me".

And I come. He puts his mouth over my clit swiping his tongue sucking everything. I moan. Loudly.

Then he gets up in his arms and comes up to me in front of my face and pushes inside me. I pull at the cuffs at the headboard. I am totally at his mercy.

"Condom" I whisper.

He looks at me and smirks. I look at him alarmed. What ? He starts thumping and pounding in and out of me. All doubts fly out my mind when he starts moving.

It's not love making.

It's hard.

And carnal.

It's need.

It's fast.

It's fucking.

He rides me and then I come undone. I scream when an orgasm rips through me. He grunts and collapses on me. On my naked breast.

He starts nipping and kneading one nipple. I arch against him and I feel him harden inside me again. I smile a little at the thought of me making him hard.

He takes one nipple in his mouth and bites it softly. I arch again. He breaths hard and puts his arms on both my breast and reaches up to kiss me.

He kisses me as his hand snakes behind my neck holding me in place. He kisses me once more and then bites my lower lip pulling it. He repeats the process once more and the pulls out of me.

"Alex, we didn't use a condom." I whisper catching my breath coming down from my high. I start panicking.

He turns to other side, opens a drawer and pulls out something. He uncuffs me and I start rubbing my sore muscles. He runs his hands on mine and it soothes the pain. The he slips something on my finger. I put up my hand see that it's a bracelet. On my left wrist. I gasp and look up at him questioningly.

"Marry me, Blue"


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