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Blue's POV

I was on my last giggles when Alexander spoke,"What ?"

"Nothing, we were just joking around."

"Better be just that" he mutters.


"They were flirting with you. And you being you... naive.... Didn't notice it."

"Awesome ! I get shot. And all you have to say to me is that I am so naive ? Thank You, Alex. I am grateful." I retort. I don't know where this new found courage has come from but I am not afraid of him anymore. And I am kinda pissed at him. He looks at me shocked. Probably at my outburst. But I can't help it.

"Sorry. How are you feeling ?"

"Like I have been hit by a bus."

He chuckles and moves around the bed. I shift and make place for him on the bed. He lays down beside me and drapes and arm over my waist and stomach and pulls me to his chest. My back to him and his hot breath fanning on my ear. I shiver and get goosebumps because of it. He chuckles again.

"I am glad I make you feel this way." He says on my ear. Nearly a whisper.


"Shoo.... baby. Go to sleep. You need to rest. I will take care of the world for you. Go to sleep."

With that I fall into deep slumber. Those medicines have started kicking in.

1 hour later.

I wake up to the noise of shufflings and faint voices outside the door. I can make out one voice though. Alex.

"Stay away from her, Raphael. She isn't like those girls you play with."

Raphael ? He is Silas' brother right ? The one who picked us up from the street ?

"Whatever, Vintalli. I can do whatever I want to. Why do you care ?"

"Because she is mine."

My heart dips a little. I know what me and Alex share isn't clear to both of us. But that statement makes me a little giddy inside. Butterflies. I knew Alexander was possessive, but what I didn't know was that to this extend.

"Huh... means she is just a slut. Why do you care. You would just grow tired of her in some days anyway."

"I won't."

"Please. I know you. Give me one good reason to believe you."

"Because.... I... I love her. And you know I hate sharing. She might not know it yet but I love her."

Alexander loves me ? Why is he hiding it then ? But I can't help but wonder that behind all his cold façade is a man. A broken child. Who is in love with me. But do I love him ? I mean I am falling for him. Hard. But do I ? Would it be fair if I said I love him and then see for myself. I don't think so.

Then my thoughts go to today's events. What if Alexander was shot instead of me ? I mean I don't remember pissing someone off to this extend. Maybe it was meant for him. And I was shot by accident. What would be the case if he would've been shot ?

Would I have been able to cope up ? I don't know ? I would've gone haywire everywhere. Then I realise what he means to me. And what it would have felt if I would've lost him ? I love him. And I am glad I was shot not him.

And in that moment I realise that I have already fallen for him. Then the door opens and in walks the man himself. I need to tell him about my feelings.

"Hey baby. Didn't expect you to be up so soon."

"I just woke up."


"Alex.... I need to tell you something."

He walks up to me and settles down beside me.

"Baby, what is it."

"I... um..." I close my eyes. I can already feel the blood rushing to my cheeks. "I love you, Alex. Always have"

Silence falls over us. After some moments I open my eyes and see him staring at me intently. I can't quite make out the emotion in his eyes.

What if he changed his mind ? What if he now realises he doesn't love me ? I mean that happens right ?

You're stupid, Blue.

Then his whole demeanour changes and his face brightens up. He leans in and pecks me on my lips before saying,

"I love you too, Baby"

I chuckle. He nearly gave me a heart attack back there. Then I ask the question I was waiting for most.

"Alex... who.... who shot me ? And why ?"

"Baby... you should rest. Okay. I will see you in a while" he tries to get up but I don't release him. He tries his best to change the subject but it doesn't work.

"Alex" I say in a warning tone.

"You are too tired to hear it and it's a long story "

"I have all the time in the world."

He sighs.

"Okay. When I was 10 my parents were murdered. My uncle was in this gang with one of the biggest criminals in Paris. He wanted my dad to join the gang. He took my dad to introduce to the boss. He was happy and my Dad was recruited. For some months everything was great. The pay was good too. But in one assignment my dad screwed up. A little. But that put their whole gang in danger. So as a payback the boss murdered them both and he hired me. He thought I was naive and I had potential to which he could use his way. So he befriended me with his son, Marcus. He never knew that I know that he killed my parents. I was going along with it so I could learn a thing or two and then avenge my parents.

I got the perfect opportunity when I was 15. I killed him. I killed the most wanted mobster in Paris. No one had any suspicions on me except Marcus. He figured out my plan and decided to expose me. It took him 2 years to find anything against me. When he did the whole gang was upset with me. Marcus and I were close but come on. I killed his father. So when he went out I escaped. I knew I had too. Because there was no point in staying here anyways. Silas was with me the whole time. His parents kept me like their own son when my parents died. So when I decided to flee the country Silas came too. The police here helped me since I killed that man. No one knows about it but still I help the Paris police to find some criminals as a return favour to what the did for me. I came to America. And now Marcus had found me and he wants you. He will rape you and then kill you. But I won't let him lay a finger on you. I love you"

I sit there shocked. Taking in all the information he gave me. Alexander has been through so much.


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