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Alexander's POV

It was time. It's now or never. It's time I have to end it for the better. I am sorry, baby. I am breaking your promise of never killing anyone. But he is my prey. And he will die by my hands.

"Alexander, what a pleasant surprise." Marcus says.

"It's been a long time." I retort.

So far the first part was successful. We were able to create a scene in hospital. And we were successful in exchanging them. And I feel no guilt in putting an innocent girl in danger who is taking her place.

"Well I didn't believe that you would give in so quickly." He says. Silas snorts.

"Something funny ?" Marcus directs as Silas.

"Yes. Actually, there is. You should've seen the scene he created in the hospital. We were almost thrown out." Silas says behind me.

"But I still don't get it. I thought you had it bad for the girl ,Alexander."

"I did. But nothing is worth more than something I spent my life building." I say.

"Too bad you won't be able to live for it. I get the business and the girl, Alexander" he says. Wait what ?

"You think you can kill me ? You don't stand a chance. What does bother me is that I thought you were a man of your words, Marcus "

"You see. You are dumb. To put it blankly. Honestly. I lead you in a trap and you fell right for it."

"What ?"

"Have you seen her ? She is as ugly as a bitch. I don't want her. Although I won't mind having her."

"What the fuck are you talking about ? "

"This was a plan. A very well thought and executed plan. You see, the guy you caught spying was planted by me. You don't have a rat in your organization. They are too fucking loyal. Anyways. Back on track. You see, I put him there for you to catch. The blood on her foot was just an accessory. And you reacted just the way I wanted you too. Hot-blooded. And I wanted just that. Then you came here. This was your safe haven. I wanted to kill you here, in Paris. I basically lured you into Paris. I actually wouldn't have been able to kill you in America. So you came here with her. And the girl Raphael saw ? Was actually planted by me. Everything was planned. By me. I knew he would think of something. I know the show off in hospital was just an act. You thought your plan was perfect. But the only drawback was that I planned it before hand. I wanted you to find the girl. She actually works for me. And the men who went to put her in the van ? Died. They were yours, right ?"

I can't believe it. I walked right into his trap.

I pull out my gun and shoot him in the heart. He wasn't expecting it. When I shot, all hell broke loose. How dare he threaten me ? My guys and his were shooting from everywhere. I advance and Marcus says,

"I knew I couldn't win against you. So I made sure you loose something of yours. And if I were you, I would take extra care of Blue. You never know, when you might see her last."

Then pulls out a letter and hands it to me. Then his body limps on the ground with open lips and eyes. He is dead.

3 hours later.


By now I must be dead. Good for you. I wrote this to warn you.

You see, I knew I would loose. So I hired someone so that if I die, he/she kills Blue. Just thought you should know.


That son of a bitch. He thinks he can just go around threatening me ? Even dead he is creating problems.


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