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The photo is Blue's wedding dress.

Blue's POV

"Yes" I breath. He finally understands my reasons. I mean I agree, I was being a snob about it but it was right. I didn't want it to be because of some dead man's threat.

"Oh baby, I love you" he says and slips the ring on my finger. He then gets up and envelopes me into his arms.

"I love you too, Alex"

"You have made me the happiest man alive"

I giggle.

8 days later.....

All the preparations are going on in full fledge. Everyone is busy. I have yet to buy a gown but I am going today. Alex insists he pays for it. Oh well. It's times like this I wish I had a best friend.

The door opens and in walks Josh. I haven't seen him since I went to Paris. I missed him so much. Because of the wedding Silas and his family is also here. They decided to join preparations.

"Oh my god, Josh" I say and run up to him to hug the life out of him.

"Ca....Can't breath, bl.... Blue" he squeezes out.

"Sorry" I release him immediately.

"Well your hot shot said you needed help with the dress, now I am not a girl but I know exactly what you will need" he says and then wolf-whistles.

"How ?"

"Let's go. I will tell you there. There's this dress I saw like two days ago, and I fell for it."

"Alrighty then"


We reach the shop around 20 minutes later. We walk in and a tall girl in red lipstick welcomes us. She is all over Josh. Well good for him. He does need someone.

After a while of just standing there I noticed that all she did was throw herself at him and he seemed really annoyed. Okay. Blue to the rescue.

"Hey I would like to see a dress for my wedding"

The girl took her eyes off Josh and turned to me. Then looked back at him and did it more times. Looking back and forth. Then her eyes widened and then she said something along the lines of 'follow me' then scurried off.


We saw the one Josh had fallen in love with and no offence but.. it was chiffon. I wasn't looking for anything chiffon so I rejected it right away.

She showed me some dresses. But none of them felt like they were' the one'. She showed us some more and then my eyes landed on one across the room. I hurried to it and took it off the rack. This is 'the one'.

It's nothing really special. Just sleeveless and it has floral all over the top and a frail from down. It was something that I always wanted. I held it up and asked her,

"This is the one. How much? "

"Ma'am that is a little expensive"

"how expensive ??"


"oh" she is right. It's way out of my budget. Guess I will just have to settle with one that is in my budget.

"Pack it up" a voice booms across the hall. And I feel him before he comes. I know all too well who it is.

"Alex, it's okay. I'll select something else" I try to reason with him. He is already paying for everything and yet here I am. I can't let him do that.

"I want to, baby. Moreover I wanted to see the gown and now I have"

"Alex.... "

" Sh... You can't change my mind"

"But I want to pay for my own dress "

"My money is yours. So technically you're paying "

"Alex..... "

He cuts me off with a peck on the lips. Although I do feel bad for not settling for Joshua dress. It was great. But not for me.

"viel" she asks. I shake my head no.


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