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Blue's POV

Alexander is in his office. And the best part we are in a hotel suite cuz the maids and workers here weren't informed about him dropping by. Note the sarcasm. So they are getting the house ready. And we are here for 2 days. And I want to go into the city before I have to be locked up in the house.

Not that I am complaining. But I want to see the city. And with everything happening I doubt he would say yes. Guess I would just have to sneak out.

I slowly advance towards the door. Perhaps I should leave a note ? No. I would be back before he gets out. Okay. I open the door and and I am out of our suite and heading to the elevator.

I hail a cab and ask him to take me to the city. I see the passersby. Life would be so beautiful in Paris. I would like to buy a home here. But I don't have the expenses. And I would be staying with Alexander. But who knows till when. He says he is serious with us but, in every relationship love eventually fades away. Not that we are in love. But still.

Then I would be kicked out in the streets. Again. The cab stops and I hop out. Paying him the money. Which were in American dollars. But I am all out. Great.

I go into the street and I can see people buying thing from stalls or some are sitting in small restaurants. It's beautiful.

But then suddenly I run into a wall. Wait what ? Wall ? In the middle of the street ? I look up to see the most mesmerising grey eyes looking down at me. His lips are well sculpted and a smirk playing along them. My senses come back to me I step back.

"I apologize " he says with his deep british voice.

God this man is HOT. Very much. But Alex is sexy and I can say with experience. God I sound like a slut.

"No... um.... I am sorry.... I kinda... ran into you."

"Can I have your name ?"

"Her name is step away from her or I will kick your ass so hard you would return to wherever the he'll you came from." A voice booms from behind me. I know all to well who it is. Alexander. And he is angry.

"I am sorry who are you ?" The grey eyed man asks.

"My name is Alexander. And I am her boyfriend." He says and wraps and arm around my waist pulling me to his chest.

"I just asked her name."

"Step back"

"Is he really your boyfriend ?" He asks me.

"Yes" Alex answers for me.

"Fine whatever. And when you grow tired of this big suffocating man, call me. We can hang out." He says the last part to me handing me a piece of paper with his nunber on it. And walks away.

Alex snatches it from my hands and tears it into pieces and throws it into the dustbin. He looks at me with rage filled eyes. I step a little back afraid of his next outcome.

But he pulls me by my wrist and kisses me vigorously. And wildly. We stop and I gasp for air.

"You are mine. Do you understand ? Only mine." He says to me. I know he is angry.

"Yes.... Alex. Calm down. I accidentally ran into him."

"Why did you run ?" He says and tightens his hold on my waist. So I am crushed even more to him. This is what I was afraid of. Him finding out. What if he, gets angry and decides to hit me ? So I start rambling.

"I am sorry. But I was really getting suffocated in the hotel room. Even back in New York I didnt step out. I needed some fresh air. And I wanted to see the city. I swear I didn't run away. I don't even have the money to run away. Even my passport is in the ho......" I don't get to complete the sentence. He crashes his lips to mine.

"I won't hurt you Blue. Not now. Not Ever. You can be sure of it. Just.... please don't look at me with those feared eyes. Fear is the last thing I want to see in your eyes."

"I was just.... I am sorry I sht have done that. But I thought you wouldn't allow me to come out."

He chuckles. "I know it gets too much to stay locked up. I would have allowed you to come out. But I would have accompanied you too, Baby"

"Really ?"

"Of course. And what kind of a person comes out without money to see the street market ?"

"I didn't want to ask you and I honestly thought I had enough to at least but one thing. But I am all out. Guess we should just head back."

"Hey. I have money. And what's mine Is yours. Baby, come on."

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