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Alexander's POV

We have been roaming around aimlessly for at least two hours and all we have bought is a bracelet and an Eiffel tower show piece. And I am pretty sure we are lost. Not that am complaining. I am thoroughly enjoying watching Blue run here and there. She is so innocent in my world. I don't know what possessed me to drag her here.

But as she is here I am not letting her go. Not now. Not Ever.

"Baby, I think we are lost."I say.

"Ya. I know."

"You know?"

"Have you ever seen Paris. I mean went around looking at everything and just roaming around ?"

"No." I grew up here but I was never on the terms of doing it. I was too caught up in my own shit. And I was 17 when I moved to America. And there was never someone for me. Paris was never the city of love for me. It was always the city of surviving.

"Well we could...." And a gun shot fired.

Instinctively I covered her with my jacket. People started creating chaos. If we got caught up here we would never get out. I called Silas.

"Silas, We are stuck here there's been a gun shot I want you to send back up as soon as possible. Whoever it is they are here for Blue. Not me."

"Got it."

We just need to hold on for a few minutes. Someone comes up from behind me and hands me a letter.


A shot is fired again. Blue collapses in my arms. I feel some liquid in my hands. I pull out from under her waist. And find blood. Blue is shot. My baby is shot. I had to control my tears at that moment. I have to be tough.

A car pulls up beside me and I see Raphael step out. Raphael is Silas' brother. He handles my buisness in Paris. He pulls off Blue from me and I sit behind in the car. He gives me Blue's limp body. She is hardly moving. I brought this on myself. I put her up there. I hurt her. I should've never let her in. This is my fault.

"Baby, hold on. Listen to my voice. Okay ? You are gonna be fine. I love you. And I won't let anything happen to you."

She opens her mouth to say something but I cut her off.

"Dont speak. I put you through this. I won't cause you anymore pain."

She looks at me and then a tear slides down her face. I quickly wipe it off. We reach the hospital and they rush her to the operation ward. But before they enter she holds my hand pulls me to her. Then she whispers,

"I.... to.. too, al....Alex"

Then they pull her off. Off me. I love her. I never knew what love was. Because no one ever showed it to me. But I know now. She taught me to love. I will never keep her from something that I never got. I will love her. And show it to her.

Just hold on baby.

I step back but the letter in my back pocket jumbles. I pull it out and read it.

Alexander Vintalli.

By now you know what I am capable of. And by that don't think I don't know what you are capable of. I very well know you. And your moves. I put your precious girlfriend in the ward today. It's a warning. Was actually. I saw that little meat today.

And I am impressed. You know she doesn't look like a stripper or a who're to me. So it means that she is something precious to you. And I am going to take her away. Keep a close eye on her.

She might just be kidnapped from right under your nose. You took something very precious to me. Now it's time I take yours.

And the best part ? You would be able to do nothing about it. And I am going to keep her. And then kill her. Right in front of you.

Best of luck.
It's a war.

You know who.

I know exactly who.

It's a war indeed. I am going to kill him for hurting my baby. I guess we would pick up wherever we left off. Awesome. I am gonna change tactics this time. He thinks that the ball is in his court. But it isn't. I am Alexander Vintalli and no one hurts what's mine.

After 2 hours. Blue is awake.

I go back into the room blue is in and hear some giggles coming from inside. Blue giggling is like music to my ears. But she is not alone. I hear a male laughter too.

I walk in and find the doctor and Raphael laughing it off with Blue. They both stop when they see me. Blue is still on her last giggles. They both walk out and give last glances to Blue. I am gonna have a word with them. She is mine. And mine alone.


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