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Blue's POV

Why do I feel like I have been hit by a car ? The last thing I can remember is some shouting going on in the hospital and then everything's just blank. Why ? I slowly open my eyes, and the first thing I see light of the room. Room ? I was in a hospital, right ? What the hell ? This is obviously Alexander. The last time I talked to him was when he had a jealousy fit. I look around furiously when someone clears their throat from beside me.

"This is for you. Take the tablets and go back to sleep. As it is you won't be getting anymore." The woman speaks. Is it just me or does she hate me ? And what does she mean by 'you wont be getting anymore' ?

"Okay" I answer weakly and turn to the plate of food. I sit up when I hear the door close. She left. She definitely hates me. I eat up the food. What is this ? Where is everyone ? Just then the woman walks in again, and this time she is not alone. Raphael is with her.

"How you feeling, girl ?" Raphael asks. The woman snorts in.... disgust ?

"Mom" he says warningly.

"Hi..." I say to Raphael and then turn to her. She is Silas' mom too. I just realised I didn't know her name.

"Adalie. That's my name." She speaks up.

"That's a nice name." I say.


"Well, we are waiting on Alexander. So it's just us three here. I just came to check up on you." Raphael says.

"Oh... I am quite fine, thank you. Where is Alex ?"

Adalie snorts in disgust at his name. She is the one who brought him up ? Why does she hate him ? Didn't he say Silas' parents loved him ?

"He is.... out" Raphael says after sometime, "anyways. I will be out. In my study of you need me."


And then they turn around and leave. I hear some murmurings from the lady. Seriously what is going on ?

Three hours later....

It's been hours and he is not back yet. Is he alright ? Is he.... what is going on ? I need some answers. Last thing I remember was some chaos in the hospital. That's it.

As if on que, the door opens. I turn around so fast I hear the air swoosh. Alex walks in crippling. He has dirt and a few blood splatters over his shirt. Did he.... no he wouldn't break his promise like that... would he ? No. Him killing gives me the same image of my father beating the crap out of me and my mother. I rush into his arms and he sweeps me off the floor. With his head in my chest and him lifting me up, I slowly slide down and look at him. Betrayal. That's all I see.

"Are you alright ?" I ask quietly.

"Not really...." he says avoiding my eyes.

"Look at me...." I say.

He turns his eyes up and I lean in to peck him on his lips. What should've been a peck, he grips my neck from behind and pulls me incredibly close. He leaves his jacket on the floor and hoists me up bridal style.

"You should be resting." He states.

Oh no, buddy. You don't pull that card on me.

"You should be with me." I reply back with the same tone. Alex raises an eyebrow. And then chuckles.

He puts me to bed like I am some precious cargo, and unbuttons his shirt removes it and throws it to the floor. I gawk at his abs. How did I get so lucky ?

"See something you like ?"

" Let me think ?" I make a show of thinking with my finger on my head. "I think Christian Grey is more.... hot" I say teasingly. Even though he is a fictional character.

"Really... ? Who the fuck is that ?" Alex says, threateningly. The look in his eyes has me almost bursting out laughing.

"Calm down, hulk, he is a story character."

"Fiction ? What story ?"

"Fifty Shades of Grey"

"I should've known you were into it. I haven't read the book, but I know what it's about."

" I was just kidding." I say getting up.

"But I am not." He pins me to the bed with my hands pinned by one of his over my head and he is inches from my lips. I get up but he presses me down on bed more with his body straddling me. Suddenly his both hands are beside me. But I can't get my hands down. I look up to see that I am handcuffed to the bed. I gasp and look up at him, finding his smirking. That bastard.

"I thought you were tired" I say, to find a way around this situation.

"I am anything but." He replies hoarsely.


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