Chapter -4

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This chapter contains some self harm. Read at your own risk.

Alexander's POV

That girl is truely adorable. She blushes like a red tomato when I referred to it. I still can't stop grinning. I can't remember the last time I laughed like this.

Oh I remember. It was when I had my last family dinner.

I walk out of the closet only to see the room empty. I look around panicked then my eyes land on the balcony. She is there gazing at the sky. I walk up behind her and hesistate a little. Then slowly I creep my hands around her waist from behind. I have never been this nervous. Again I have never needed to be nervous.

She freezes then relaxes into my touch. She leans back on my chest and then slowly turns. I look into her eyes and lean in to kiss her but I am interrupted by a knock at the door.

I am so going to......

"Alexander your uh.... client is here." Silas says amused. I give him a death glare and he hides his laugh in his cough. I leave Blue with a peck on the cheek and go with Silas. I tell Blue the directions to the kitchen if she is hungry.

"So ...." Silas continues.


"Okay. Lover boy."

"Shut up"

"Dude you are whip...."

"Complete that sentence and prepare yourself to be punched."


I walk in the study room where I see Blue's father sitting very comfortably on the chair. Enjoying. Well he is going to die anyways. He just happens to be my distributer in Texas state. He manages all the drug shipments in Texas. He is damb good in his work.

"So Mr. Andrews what brings you here ?"

"Oh Mr.Vintalli. I am here to inform you that everything iss under control but there is this officer in Texas that knows about us. He also reached the venue the day the shipment was to come with the force. We were lucky that it was postponed. But he also kinda....."

"What ?"

"He has a doubt on me."

"Well I was brought down to the station. While leaving I saw a room full of photos to bring our organisations down. It didn't have your photo but it did have Toby's."

"Okay. Anything else ?"

"Uh.... can I have something to eat ? It was a long way."

"Okay. Come. I am hungry myself."


I lead him to the kitchen but something tells me I shouldn't have. When we enter the kitchen I am fretted with Blue in my clothes with her back to me making pancakes. Then I remember. And I place myself between them too but it is too late. She turns and their eyes meet.

He looks around a little then his eyes land on a knife on the counter. He reaches for it but I grab his coller and band his head on the refrigerator. He looks at me shocked but I just smirk. He mouth curls up into a snide and sadistic smile and my smile drops.

He looks at Blue and her eyes are pouring. I control myself to go up to her and console her. He then opens his trap and says," So you bitch found a new bird huh ? You good for nothing fool. I knew you were a who're and a slit from the beginning. I should have known. I thought you would have died somewhere in the way. I hoped you had died somewhere in the way."

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