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Blue's POV

"Wake up, bitch" I heard a man say. I was then greeted with ice cold water poured over my face and since I had bruises all over it hurt all the even worse.

Since the last two days it has been the same routine. Someone wakes me up in the morning I am fed and I sit there. Sometimes one of the men come and beat me up. Well I was used to it, until now.

"How is she ?" I hear Adalie's voice.



"Why ?"

"Today's the day"

Those alone three words changes everything. It means that today I die. From what I have gathered in the last two days is that she is gonna kill me in front of Alex. Of course she will have a man kill me for her. She won't risk exposure.

At least I will get to see Alex before I die. That thought alone has got me going since the last two days.

Is he alright ?

How are his bruises ?

Is he looking for me ?

Is he worried about me ?

Did he change his mind about me and finally decided that I was not worth it ?

Does he still love me ?

I know I love him.

What will he do when he finds out about this ?

He won't probably go against Adalie, will he ?

I mean she is his mother. Even if he doesn't know it yet.

The men come back after their 'talk' and they grab me by my forearms and take me out. There is a deserted pathway like the one which you see in horror movies. Then they lead me inside the room and it is very bright.

They hoist me on a chair and I blink several times adjusting to the light. Then I open my eyes to reveal the people in the room.

Everyone is here. Everyone. Silas, Josh, Raphael, some men I know since they were asigned my bodyguards by Alex and lastly, the man himself. Alex.

A smile crepts its way into my face when I see him. He looks at me and takes a step forward but my captors put a knife on my throat and he stops. He looks at me with pleading eyes and I smile at him saying, "I love you".

He looks at the brink of tears and then I hear a click of safety meaning my other captor had taken his gun out. He points it at my head and just when he is about to pull the trigger chaos breaks.

Everyone is running here and there and shooting at each other. One of my captors grabs me by my neck and pulls me to him aiming what I can see from the side an injection at me.

"Stop" his gruff voice says. Tears stream uncontrollably down my face. "One more move and she dies. This is snake venom. We wouldn't want her to die like this now would we ?"

"Let her be and I will let you live" Alex says. I shake my head frantically at him saysing he shouldn't come here.

"Now why would I do that ?"

"Because if she dies I will make sure you never see anything outside this room at that time"

"Fine.... Deal. But I give her to you, and I run and you turn your back on both of us"


He lets me slip and then walks slowly towards the door. When he reaches it he ushers his mate out then throws me forward and turns to run but Alex points his gun and shoots him on his back of his head.

He falls down unmoving and the other man is brought inside accompanied by several of Alex's men and then Alex advances towards the guy while Silas drags me away.

Silas always drags me away from the dirty work. I struggle against him and look at him dead in the eye, "no". He sighs and let's me be.

Alex is encircling around the man. He has not seen me yet. He shoots at his leg and the man grunts in pain. I turn my head away.

"Who is it ?"

No response.
Shoot another leg.

"Who is it ?"

No response.
Step on the fingers.

"Tell me !"

No response.
Breaks his fingers.


"Dont make me repeat !"


A series of gasps and shocked faces are seen around the room. But something is off. Alex doesn't seem surprised or even fazed by it. He looks the man dead in the eye and shots between his eyes. The man falls in the ground with a loud thud and his blood spaters all over Alex's face.

He turns around and notices me. I put a hand in my mouth. He promised me. I fall down on the ground in front of him. He shoots the two men five more times and says, "No one, touches her and gets away with it. She's mine"

He is then walks towards me but something in me changes. He just killed a man and is not at all affected by it. He is not the Alex I know. For a moment there my vision blurs and I see my father standing there with a belt in his hands. He is advancing towards me and I can't save myself. I see the open door and I turn and push Silas off of me and sprint in the direction of the door, throwing the engagement ring.

He is not the same person.

Alex promised not to kill anyone.


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