Chapter - 18

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Blue's POV

My feet are tired from running for this long. Feels like I have been running for hours. But I know better. Moreover the forest isn't helping too. I am completely lost. Josh had taken off when Alex arrived saying something about 'not being the third wheel'. He said he had to look for the perfect brides-man suit. I hope he is safe.

I hear a gunshot in a distant. God I hope Alex is okay. My heart sinks at the thought of anything happening to him. I love him.

... Flashback...

" viel" she asks. I shake my head no.

She looks at me like I am dirt. Then turns away. What is her problem ? I look at Alex questioningly. He looks as if he is supposed to explode.

"Hey come back here!! " he bellows

I grab his hands and trun him to face me. I wanted to shoo away his anger. It's not good.

"Yes  ? " she huffs.

"What is your problem? "

"Excuse me ?"

"If you have a problem don't take it out on Blue. What happened anyways ?"

"Maybe it's the fact that her husband is right in the next room and this slut here is kissing her lover "

"Who do you think her husband is ?"

" Josh. The guy she came with. Brides come here only with their friends or the groom himself"

"Well newsflash, Barbie, I am her husband. So better keep it in check if you like your job."

She looks taken aback but recovers quickly.

"I appologize... "

She stutters but a shot is fired somewhere and the glass of the shop breaks down. Alex tells me to duck and so I do. He reaches for his gun and takes me to one of the dressing stalls.

"Take this and change and get out of here. " Alex says as he pulls out another gun.

I quickly do as he asked but am a little second guessing myself in leaving him. He takes no crap. He all but throws me out and tells me to run in the direction of the forest. I do as he asked.

..... End of flashback.......

Leaving him was difficult but he took no prisoners. So I ran with the gun he gave. I didn't know whether he had another one or not but I had no choice. It's like he knew something would happen if I stayed there.

Last time we were in a shooting he kept me with him at all times. Now he practically fled me. Why ?

I don't have time to think as a car pulls up in front of me. I didn't realise I had slowed down. The car is coming near. I have a gun but I have to trim to shoot. And that is risky since I can't shoot. Then I hear a loud thud.

I turn to see Alex in a car behind the car following me and he is hitting them continuously. Why are they here ? Aren't they Alex's enemies ?

But the car doesn't slow down. A man from the car shoots at Alex's front wheel and the car starts spinning on the road as Alex tries to regain control of the car.

The other car halts and a man in a black hoodie comes out towards me. I am tripped trapped by two cars in front of me and behind me. It is then I realise that I was rooted to my place. Alex waves frantically after struggling out of the car to me for start running. I regain my senses and run beside me deeper into the forest but I trip and fall.

A cotton lands in front of me and I accidentally inhale. The black man in hoodie holds me and the last thing I can remember is Alex being beaten and me trying to struggle out of the man's grasps.

"I love you" are my last words as the darkness continues to consume me and I pass out.

"Blue !" Alex shouts as I am pulled into an oblivion of darkness.

3 hours later.

I wake up with a huge pounding headache. Everything is dark and black. All I could hear is some approaching footsteps then they too paused for a few seconds then the old creek of an opening door. The strip is taken off my eyes violently and I constantly try to adjust to the light.

"Ah... goody. You're awake. Finally. I get to kill you and then Alex will be on his way of conquering the world. You were just a time distraction. Marriage...." the last world she scoffs sarcastically. I have heard that voice of an old woman somewhere. I just can't seem to pinpoint where.

Then the hazy clouds lift from my vision and everything becomes clear. The face comes into view and I gasp.


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