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The photo is the ring Alexander gives Blue.

Alexander's POV

Why can't she understand that marrying me is the only alternative to save her. Whoever the hell the man is who is out to kill her would be more afraid to do so knowing that she belongs to me now and is not just another whore. Change his mind maybe. But I can't give up on trying to find him.

Yes it's a him. Marcus won't stoop so low as to hire a woman. Marcus hates the fact that women are involved in this field. The mafia. Some women have sussessfully lead an enitre organization and he hates it. Just like his father- he thinks she belongs in the kitchen. So I told Silas to investigate all men he met when he decided to device his genius plan against me.

But just to be safe me and Blue are heading off to America today. He lured us here in his trap. It would be idiotic staying here. My plane will take us back to America this afternoon.

I sigh and sit on my chair in the study room. Why does she have to be so stubborn ? I go back to the first time I saw her.....

She looked really fragile standing between all these sharks.

We were there to kill the bar-owner and for the staff give them an ultimatum: Either work for us or die.

"Do you want anything else, Sir ?"

I made her nervous. Only me

Somehow the thought of her with someone else made my heart clench which was weird since I had no heart.

That's when the jealously started.

"Uh no that's all. What is  your name ?"

I ask even though I read the name plate.

I just wanted to hear her voice again. And keep hearing it.

"Its Blue"


I was so intrigued by her beauty, it was beyond words. That's when I decided that I would be damned if I ever let her go. I am not the person to act on my heart but that day I did. And I am glad I did.

And that's when I realisation hit me, like a ton of bricks on head. Even if she says no to marrying me now I was never gonna let her go. And we were going to be married sometime in the future. And she wants that too.

She loves me and I love her. Then what's the reason for her to flat out reject my proposal ? Because it was for all the wrong reasons. And I am an idiot. How can I not see it ? It's right there.

She never wanted a generous wedding. She always wanted a real wedding. She is right. If we get married then it won't be for real.

Marriage is pure and it's real. It's not a contract. But it becomes a problem when it starts becoming a leash on you. That's when you know. This is it ! I can't take it anymore. It's time to let go.

But our marriage would've been a leash before we even began. And hence it wouldn't have worked out. We are gonna be living together for the rest of out lives because of this one ceremony. It would be a bummer if it is not perfect and for all the right reasons.

I don't wanna live with that regret for the rest of our lives. It should be perfect. And it should be real. I open the first drawer and take out the ring I bought for her.

It's nothing special. But it is special. Because it's for her. I go to our room. Our. Sounds so right.

I find her curled up reading a copy of Pride and Prejudice.

I reach up to her and kneel down before her.

"Alex I told you not to....." I cut her off


"What are you doing ?"

"Making it right. Doing it right."

Then I start my speech.

"From the first time I saw you, Blue, I was so intrigued by your beauty that I found myself getting agitated. I wanted more. I wanted to hear you voice more. I wanted to know you more. But I wanted all to myself. Turned out I was not the only one who was intrigued by your beauty. It ticked me off. I had to have you.

When I found out about your dad I saw red. How can a man harm someone as pure and faultless as you ?

But along the way I took you for granted. I never thought that you would ever leave. But that day when you were shot I lost it. It made me realise that I couldn't live without you. I realised I loved you. I couldn't bear the thought of loosing you.

I felt empty. Because for three seconds we did loose you in that ICU. And I don't want to ever feel that again.

So, Blue. Let me make this right. Let me have you. To me mine. To have and to hold forever. Blue.... Marry me ?"


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