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Alexander's POV:

I watched her as she continued serving the people. She looked really fragile standing between all these sharks. Some men were looking at her with lust while some were undressing her with their eyes. Some even tried to touch her hand while she served. She looked uncomfortable.

I just wanted to cut their hands off with their eyeballs and feed the rest to the lions. Yes I have been sitting here for an hour and staring at her but I was certainly not undressing her. I was here for business.

The owner here took borrowed money from me and then had the guts to challenge me by not returning it. If there's one thing I hate then it's liars. My sources tell me he went to my rival gang. Seriously how long will it take them to understand that there is no running from Alexander.

I see her smile and then suddenly the whole room lights up. She is really beautiful and fragile. But it pains me to know that this might be the last night of her life. We are here to kill the bar-owner and for the staff give them an ultimatum: Either work for us or die. Pretty generous if you ask me.

She turns my way and advances here,

"Do you want anything else, Sir ?"

Her voice is like velvet. So soft. I look down at her knotted fingers. She is nervous. I make her nervous. Only me.

Somehow the thought of her with someone else made my heart clench which was weird since I had no heart.

"Uh no that's all. What is your name ?"

I ask even though I read the name plate.

"Its Blue"


Well that's a unique name. But beautiful.

"That's a beautiful name for someone as beautiful as you."


"Do you have a boyfriend ?"

She looks taken aback at my bluntness. Well I have no other way to put it. I have always been blunt. Something passes over her eyes and I can literally see her resolve strengthen.


I know she is lying. I smirk. I am not successful in this business by just taking people's word for it. I know how to read people. Especially when they are lying.

"Really ? What's his name ?"

"Sir, I think this is not appropriate. Should I bring your bill ?" She asks trying to be polite.

Yeah. After all this man is gonna die today. Why not ? This might literally be the last payment of his life. Once I get my hands on him I will kill him painfully and slowly. 

"Okay" I say nonchalantly.

She walks away and talks to her another co-worker. He looks like he is her age. He tells her something back and she laughs. He casually touches her hand and she doesn't mind.

Well looks like they are close. But I don't like him touching her. Is he really her boyfriend?

No I don't think so. She flinched every time someone else touched her. Maybe they are just close. She comes back with my bill. I pay her and have a long look at her. She has those piercing green eyes and a really slim body.

Maybe a little too thin.

Looks like she hasn't eaten in days now that you look closely.

What the hell ?

She proceeds her hand to hand me the bill. I look down at her hand and see some faint bruises. This pisses me off. I clench my teeth but take the bill and hand my credit card.

---- 1 hour later ----

"Please don't kill me. I have a son and a daughter. My family needs me. "

"You should have thought about that before messing with me." I say. This man is ticking me off. He thinks he can act all smug and high about challenging me and pull the family card at me when it comes to pay his due? I know how much his family really means to him. He cheats on his wife every single day and I hate cheaters.

Right now he is in the middle of the bar and at gunpoint. I am sitting on a chair and behind me are all his staff members. Blue is beside me. I don't want her hurt.

Why ?

I don't know. But I intend to find out.

"Hey Alex, should we feed him to the crocs or the lions." My right hand man and best friend and basically the only person I trust, Silas, says.

"We could do either and make a tape and send it to his family." I reply.

"Yeah. What do you want ?" Silas asks the guy.

"Please le...."

He doesn't get to finish the sentence. Silas kills him by putting a bullet in his stomach and then in his head.

Beside me I see Blue's eyes closed and her face turned the other way. The other guy from the bar is consoling her and she looks terrified.

I can't see it. I stand up and look at all the members. I then announce,

"You are now all the witnesses to this murder. I can't let you go. Either work for me or die here with him. I am Alexander Vintalli" sudden gasps " And I won't think twice before killing you"

Someone from the crowd shouts," You murderer. You think you can get away from thi....."

I didn't let him finish. I killed him.

"That's a good example. Now anymore rebels ?"

I look around and my eyes land on her and him.

"No ? Okay guess I will be going then. Silas you know what to do."

"Yeah. Don't worry. I got it. Boys ?"

All my men surround them but one of them advances towards Blue and roughly pushes her off the guy's arms arms. He holds her tightly by the elbow and she starts sobbing. I take a step towards him. I will not allow anyone to harm her.

He turns and smirks," Look boss, this bitch is nice for us. She was enjoying all the attention she was getting Like the slut she is."

That's it.

I punch him square on his nose and hear a crack. He falls but with him she looses balance and bangs her head on the floor. I quickly rush to her side picking her up bridal style. She looks at me wide-eyed. And then she starts drifting into unconsciousness. Her eyes close and she falls limp.

I look at the SOB with fury," You dog, is it any way to treat a girl ? I swear if anything happens to her I will fucking kill you. Do you hear me ? I will kill you !"

"Yes boss" his voice comes as a whisper.

Silas is by my side and looks at me questioningly. But I give him a look which says not now. I rush out the bar and into my black Audi. I tell the driver to take me home and then I look at the beauty in my arms. She has several bruises on her. I will kill anyone who so much as looks at her. She is mine to keep from now on.She has a faded bruise on her face if you looks closely. She has done a good job concealing it. I slowly caress her cheek with the back of my hand and kiss her forehead.

She awoke feelings in me I am not used to dealing with.

I pick up my phone and call Silas," I want you to call a doctor at home to check up on her. Then I want you to run a background check on this Blue. Get me everything you can get your hands on about her."

"Alright on it."


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