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Blue's POV

Should i trust him ? Can I trust him ? I don't know. But it's not like I have a choice. I can just hope he doesn't turn out like my father. Right now I am alone in his room. And some people walk in putting things in his closet. Those are women's dresses. Are those mine.

If yes, why am I staying in his room. Not another one.

Then the guy from the bar walks in. His nose is flaring. He is really angry. He won't hit me, will he ? He walks in and orders everyone out. Soon it's just me and him in the room. He advances to me and I take a step back. He then Sprints and holds me by the elbow,"Bitch. Because of you I have no home now. Boss took it away and said that it's my punishment for doing this to you."

"Please let me go."

"No. I will kill you. And make sure boss never finds your body. He will think you ran away and hate you."

"Please. I am sorry. Let me go"


He then starts dragging me with him. He takes me out the back door and we come to a huge backyard. And by huge I mean, ginormous. It's huge. But then Josh comes to my sight. I shout,


But a hand covers me before I complete the sentence. Josh turns and looks our way but the guy holds me by my hair and pushes me away. Josh can't see me now. He looks away.


Now he again starts pulling me with him. And he pushes me against a tree.

"But first I will complete what I came for."

"What ?"

"You are too naive. Are you a virgin ? At least you won't die one."

"Please let me go" he will rape me.


Then he pushes me to the tree and crashes his lips to mine. He forcefully opens my mouth and I feel his filthy tongue inside my mouth. I feel violated. Unlike with Alex. I try pushing him with my hands but he holds them above my head and it pains. The bark of the tree scratches my skin and it hurts. Doesn't matter. I am gonna die anyways.

But then he is pushed off me. I feel cold air and I feel free. I see Alexander holding the guy by his neck and the guy is choking.

"That is my girl. Mine. What were you thinking, Toby ? That you would kidnap her from my room and I won't even know ?"

"Please boss. Let me go. I am sorry. But this bitch has blinded you...."

He doesn't get to complete. Alex puts a gun in his mouth. He is ready to pull the trigger. He orders Silas to take me. And I am pushed away. When we are insidebrhe house I hear a shot being fired. Alexander killed him. He really is a killer.

Silas drags me to Alex's room and locks me inside. I try to open but it won't work. Then after sometime Alexander walks in. His shirt is soaked in blood. And some drops are on his face. He doesn't make eye contact. He walks in and jumps into the shower locking the door behind him.

I patiently wait on his bed and when he walks out, he is only in his towel. He walks to the closet and starts pulling some shirts and all. I walk up behind him, and put a hand on his naked shoulder. He freezes but turns and looks at me painfully. I look at him int he eye but don't remove my hand from his shoulder.

I step back. Afraid he might lash out at me. And remove my hand but before it is completely removed, he takes it in his big ones and kisses my hands and my knuckles. His eyes land on my hands where the injury of the tree is present. He curses loudly,


"It's ok. It doesn't hurt."

"No it's not. It's not supposed to be okay. I am sorry."

"Hey. It's not your fault."

"It is. And I righted it. I killed him."

"What ?"

"Yes. I killed him. Shot him right in the eye. No one looks wrongly at my girl."


"I am sorry."

He doesn't wait for a response but crashes his lips to mine. He kisses me and then pulls me to him by my waist. My hands around his neck he kisses me. The kiss is ruthless but yet I like it.

He pulls away," Did you feel like this when he kissed you ? Did you enjoy kissing him ?"

"All I felt was violated. Nothing else."

"Good. Cuz you are staying in my room with me from now on. You will 've with me every second of the day. I am not letting you out of my sight."


"Please don't argue."

"Okay. Fine"


He then pulls a shirt out and starts wearing it. He looks at me drooling and then starts to pull the towel out. I blush but can't look away. Looks like my gaze is fixed.

"You waiting for the show." He smirks

My eyes widen and then I sprint out the closet and all I hear is pure male laughter. That is like melodies to my ears.

He might not be that bad after all.

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