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Alexander's POV

"So you are trying to tell me that you were here to torture her then..... Get information out of her ?" I asked the prick.

"Y...... ya" he stuttered.

This scumbag here came to hurt my Blue and take her away from me. Whoever sent him is a bigger douche since he thought he could con me. I promised Blue that I won't kill anyone but I never promised her that I won't torture anyone.

And that's exactly what I am doing. I am not a sadist. But I am quite used to all the killings and tortures now. It's like a routine. Someone did something suspicious your in for it. Heartless I know. But this is not the life I would have chosen for me.

"And how did you plan to get her out of my house without anyone spoting ?" I laughed asking the question. How can they be so idiotic ?

"I didn't.... th....think it through. The plan was grab and run. But I never got any chance." he said and spit out blood.

"Who sent you ?"


I hit him again in the jaw and then kicked him in his stomach hard. Then I noticed something at his shirt. The top button was open and it looked different from the rest buttons. I bend down and looked at it.

It was a camera.

Oh shit.

This was never about kidnapping Blue. It was actually a brilliant plan. Whoever sent him knew it would be more than impossible to kidnap Blue from under my security. So he sent a puppet to get it done. They were watching the security in my house. They were watching my moves. They might have wanted nothing to do with Blue.

This was a fucking set up. Fuck. Now I have put Blue in danger. Just what I thought would happen. She would be put in danger because of me. I ordered Silas to kill him. And he gave me a confused glare. I rushed up the stairs in my room and Blue was changing. She instantly turned around and blushed. I need a cold shower.

Normally I would not find women desirable after the fuck. But this was different. This one was mine. Not that she was ever just some whore for me. She was always different.

"I am sorry, the closet lights were off. And I was..... afraid to go into the dark." She said and blushed.

I walked in and closed the door behind me and locked it. She was still in her towel. I wrapped my hands around her waist from behind and slowly turned her around. I hold the end of the towel in one hand and then I whisper in her ear,

"As much as appealing this is, we have to get out of here. We can't stay here anymore. Pack all your necessities and your.... lady stuff. We are getting out of here. And be ready in 20 min. And please don't wear that or I won't be responsible for my actions on the plane."

"Yes boss" she jokes and giggles. I try to control it in but can't help any longer. I chuckle. Not because of her futile attempt at the joke but her laugh is contagious and she looks really cute laughing.

I go into the closet and see that the light is actually broken. But that's not what catches my eye. The light from the room lights up the closet a little and I see glass pieces shattered on the ground. And I see blood footprints leading out.

The bulb was not out. There is a bullet hole beside it. Meaning, someone shot at it. Purposely. I pack everything I can get my hands on walk out. I follow the blood footprints and they lead to Blue. She is fully dressed now.

"Blue sit down on the bed please."

She looks at me puzzled but complies. I find a first aid box. And gently pull up her foot. My doubt was right. She stepped on some glass pieces and hence the blood footprints. Her foot was bleeding. How can she not feel it. Since it was on her foot after bandaging up she couldn't walk.

I picked her up, and set her on the chair. I msg Silas to keep the pane ready in 10 mins. I have a runway on my property.

I pack her stuff and hand over the bags to one of my men. I carry her out. I don't want anyone else carrying her. We reach the plane and we load up. She doesn't ask me any questions. I like that about her. She knows when to not intrude.

Once we take off she breaks the silence and asks,

"Why are we leaving ? Where are we going ? When are we coming back ? Is something really wrong ?"

"Slow down there Einstein. Some people suspected of our loacation and one was capable of coming into our room and breaking the bulb. Therefore we are leaving. We are going to Paris. After New York, Paris is my next home. And I doubt we would be coming back in the next few months. Nothing is really wrong everything is under control."

"Paris ?"

"Yes why ?"

"I love Paris. I always wanted to go there."


At Paris.

Blue's POV

I can't believe I am in Paris.... I love Paris. Thanks to Alex I am here. I think I am falling for him. But I can't have that. I know what happened last time when I fell on love.

But with him... it's just.... it's not me. It just happens.

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