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Alexander's POV

9 years later.... Jake is 7 years old.

"Jake Vintalli. You come here right now boy ! You have not done your homework and hence you are not going to watch TV !" Blue shouted from the other room. Then I hear some feet shuffling and a loud thud.

I am instantly on my feet running and enter to the next room to see Blue on the floor and Jake laughing his ass off. Great boy.

"Dad look.... Mom fell" he says to me. I crack a smile but when I hear a painful groan I rush to her and pick her up bridal style. She snuggles to my chest. This never gets old. Every time she does this I feel complete.

I still remember our wedding day very nicely.


The children announce her arrival and everyone stands up. She walks down her eyes cast downward along with Raphael on her side. He agreed to walk her down the aisle.

The wedding gown is the same that she liked before. As she advances towards me I can hardly believe I am getting married. To her. She will finally be mine. Exclusively.

Tears prickle at the sides of my eyes as she reaches me and Raphael hands her hand into mine. A traitorous tear escapes me and she looks up at me in that instant. She gasps at the tears and wipes it with her hand.

I, Alexander Vintalli, cried at my wedding day.

I love her so much. And she will finally be with me. Forever. And this time even if someone crashes our wedding she is not getting down this stage before she says, "I do".

As we both read our vows and when the priest asks me to kiss her I sweep her off her feet attaching my lips to hers. I hear laughs and chuckles everywhere. More tears escapes my eyes.

She wipes them off and kisses my eyes.

"Why are you crying ?"

"I just can't believe we're getting married. We will be together"

She laughs and kisses me fully on my cheeks.

Flashback over.

We had Jake two years after our wedding. And now there is no one out there who can touch my little piece of heaven.

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