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Dear Alexander,

By now I know you would've read my last letter. Wasn't it dramatic. And I also know that you have doubled the security on Blue. Well, good move. But she will be mine. I will find out a way to get her. One way or another.

Because now it isn't about the revenge. Honestly I could care less about the man who donated me his seed. I am not kidding. Now it is about Blue. Think about it. You know very well that I don't fit in this world. The mafia world. And if you give me Blue, I will not come after you or even hurt anyone near you.

Giving me Blue means you will have no weakness and you will forever be the most wanted one. But if I have to take her by myself then I will make sure your empire crushes in front of you and you can't even blink. Moreover I am the only one who has dirt on your organization.

So let's meet up. The bridge, 8:00 pm. I know that the doctor has not yet released Blue but I have everything set up she doesn't need the hospital anymore. I will make sure of it.


Alexander's POV

He thinks he can take away Blue from under my security ? Well he is wrong. But Marcus is not one of those people who would step down, just like that. I need to think something ahead of him.

"Alexander, I have a plan." Raphael says.

I really don't have a choice. I am open to every idea and everything that saves her.

"Go ahead." I say to Raphael.

"Look, the day before I was in the park for some business when I came across a woman. At first I thought she is Blue. I was about to call you when I really saw her and realized it was just her look-alike. I was stunned for a moment. But I had work so I didn't pay more attention.

My plan is that Marcus knows about all our moves meaning he has a rat here. So we have to show that we are really considering his offer. But not right away. I mean let's admit it. You are Alexander Vintalli. And you don't just accept something like that. So we create a scene in the hospital. You and Silas. Then you reluctantly agree with him and we discharge Blue taking her to the car. In the car the woman would already be there. She would take Blue's place and then we can take Blue back home.

Doctor would be waiting back home for her where she would be treated. The woman doesn't exactly look like Blue but there is nothing makeup can't do. She would be heavily sedated. She would have no idea of what is happening. We will give her to Marcus but in the meanwhile where you two are talking make sure that you stall him long enough for us to sneak in his car and plant a bomb.

When he checks that it's Blue he is taking he would send one of his men to get her to the car. That's his style. And he wouldn't let an opportunity like this, to talk to you be missed. So when his man takes the woman to the car we attack him and we change her to a mannequin. Then we butt out and when we make sure all are in the car, we blow up.

There is a 50-50 chance that this wouldn't work. But this is our only chance. Alex, I know you love her. But this is for the best."

Let's get this show on the road then.


I know it's small but the next one is a bang. EDITED.

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