3: Harvey Dent to Two-Face

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I had my comic books in front of me while I wrote this, this is exactly what happens to Harvey Dent. The real story of what happened to him. Hope you like it :) -A

~*Third Person’s POV~*~*~
“The prosecution calls...Salvatore Vincent Maroni A.K.A. “Boss Maroni” to the stand!” Harvey called, his eyes hard. He had just left his house, where his wife, Gilda questioned him about the Holiday crime. It had been terrorizing her for a long time, and finding the .22 pistol, used by Holiday him or herself, in her home. She had asked Harvey about it, but of course, he had no time. He had to go to this court case.
He would soon be regretting coming here.
“...Yeah, I hit Mickey Gazzo and his brother Frankie. We tossed their bodies in Gotham River. Lotsa wiseguys you’re looking for are in the Gotham River. Maybe that’s why I got an ulcer. From drinking the water.” Maroni spoke. The fact that he had an ulcer was quite irrelevant to Dent. 
Maroni was probably referring to what happened before he walked into the court room, escorted by police. Vernon Fields, a guy who worked for Dent, gave him something for his ulcer, saying Dent had given it to him to help Maroni’s ulcer.
Funny thing was, it wasn’t for Maroni’s ulcer.
“Ulcer...?” Dent questioned.
“Yeah, it’s been killing me. Maybe I got a guilty conscience, huh, Dent?” Maroni responded, hiding his plan in his eyes.
“I ask you now. Under oath.. Didn’t you commit all these murders and felonies under DIRECT orders from Carmine “The Roman” Falcone?” Harvey’s desire to stop the madness of Holiday was getting to him, swirling in his head angrily. He had to put a stop to all of this, he had to regain his life, and he was waiting a long time for this moment.
“Falcone..?” Maroni started to choke up, coughing. 
“Mr. Maroni-“ Dent was cut off by Maroni’s harsh coughs.
Maroni started to take out Jiffy’s Fast-Acting Antacid.
“I’ll ask you agaoin-“ Dent was now cut off by Maroni’s talking.
Maroni started unscrewing the bottle cap. “One sec- KAFF! KAFF!- I got something right-“ 
“HERE!” Maroni shouted. With a jerk of the hand, the liquid was hurled into Dent’s face.
Inside the bottle wasn’t for the ulcers, it was filled with Sulfuric Acid.
Harvey covered one part of his face, the other vulnerable to the acid. It poured onto the other half, he shrieked and fell to the floor, blood curling screams filled the court room as people hurried to get towels and doctors.
“You’re DEAD, Dent! That stuff’ll eat through cement!” he started to shout, getting riled up in his seat, standing up. A guard made sure he didn’t leave, tackling him down. It didn’t stop Maroni’s shouts. “Did you really think you had ME?! Did you?!” 
“I...I’ll go get help...” Vernon Fields whispered.
He was the one who supplied Maroni with the acid.

~*~Evangeline’s Point of View~*~
I sat on the couch with Joker, his henchmen all around us. I watched the video of the court, the newscaster talking about the whole scene. Of course, we already knew the plan. 
Jack started getting up. “Well, time for pep talk in the hospital room!” he snickered.
“No, stop.” I grabbed his arm and pulled him back down. “It says this event happened hours ago, Harvey was hospitalized but he escaped the hospital room.” I stated, looking over at Jack. “You’ll just get in trouble by going out in public, and you’ll be linked to the case, silly!” I smirked, he grinned and pulled me tight. 
“Oh, what would I do without you?” 
I smirked. “I shouldn’t answer that.”
He chuckled, then got up, I got up with him and brought him to the room. I pulled him onto the bed, kissing him.
“I absolutely love it when you take advantage!” he laughed, pulling me and rolling so he was on top. “But, I like it when I do a little better.” 
I giggled, running my hand down his chest. 
I’m sure you can guess what happened.
We played board games!
Hahaha, no, just kidding, we had our fun!
Not that board games aren’t fun....

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