17: Working Together

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I woke up to something fuzzy rubbing my leg. I got up, propping myself up with my elbow as I peered at my leg. It was a big, striped paw.
“Rajan, what is it?” I groaned, sitting up and scratching the back of his ears. He purred, eyes closing.
“I think he just wants some love.” Jack said, stepping out of the bathroom and buttoning up his vest. His makeup was freshly done.
“What are you doing today?” I questioned, suddenly energetic.
“Robbing a bank.”
“Can we come with?” I questioned, Rajan jumped onto the bed. He was already huge. The size of a fully grown tiger, he might grow a little more, too.
He gave me his infamous grin. “Alright. Hurry up.”
I grinned and shot up from the bed, startling Rajan. He seemed to understand what was going on, for he pranced around the bed in circles, then dashed out. I quickly took off my pajamas, I didn’t mind the fact that Jack was watching, he’d seen it all before, no shame!
I put on my outfit and giggled, clapping my hands. “I’m set!”
Rajan ran in, pummeling three henchmen outside who hadn’t noticed his epic charge from his room to ours. I giggled, Jack even laughed, as Rajan ran in and sat on the bed, armor tight in his mouth. I started putting it on him, then patted his head.
“You’re all good, sweetie!”
“Where is this giant kitty going to go?” Jack sighed. 
“Your henchmen better make room for pumpkin!” I pouted, crossing my arms.
“No, there will be enough room for him, but everyone will shit their pants in the back with him and he’s kinda mean.” he said, Rajan and I looked at each other. I laughed, Rajan let out something that sounded like a tiger laugh, and Jack raised an eyebrow.
“He’s a sweetheart. He just doesn’t like your henchmen.” I looked at Rajan. “Rajan, be nice to the henchmen.”
Rajan’s ears flattened on his head.
I sighed. “He’s not protesting. Let’s go!” we quickly went to the van, I went to the front, putting my hair in pig tails at the top of my head, but my hair was pretty long so it looked pretty epic.
Rajan went in the back, the henchmen shook, but Rajan wouldn’t touch them. He knew I would be disappointed and mad if he did anything. 

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