7: Teamwork

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“Let me ask again. What do you know about The Joker?” Jim Gordon questioned, I glared at him intensely. Apparently, he had found out about my conversation with Bruce Wayne three months back and didn’t believe that I was clueless.
Smart man.
Well, after the conversation with pretty boy, I decided to sleep in the sewers. Gross, I know, but there’s actually a place in the sewers with light and a cement platform away from all the smelly sewage. I fixed it up so it was an actual room, and I stayed there until I could find a job.
“Uhm, I know he’s a crazy loon who stole me from my comfy little cell in the nuthouse?” I growled, it was the fifth time telling him this, and each time it apparently wasn’t a good enough answer.
He brought his calloused hands to his temples, rubbing them slowly, throwing me a look of irritation. His lip twitched a little, I knew he was trying hard not to lunge over the table and punch me.
“Look, what else do you want me to say? Do you want me to lie about his location?” I slammed my fists on the table. Everyone outside of the interrogation room flinched; they didn’t know, but I could sense where they were from Gordon’s body language. He seemed to give a lot away without meaning to.
“I want you to tell me where he lives!” he shouted, I got angry.
“Why don’t you check Amusement Mile? Old Gotham? Or maybe The Narrows?” I shouted. “Why waste your time with me when you could be out there finding that criminal?!”
One of the lady cops walked in, I looked at her closely. She was blonde with big brown eyes and light skin. She was tall and skinny. Her nametag read Gamini. 
“Gordon, we all agree that she is useless in this operation. Just let her go, if we ever need her I’m sure we could find her around Gotham.”
Well sucks for her plan, because I live underground.
“Fine.” Gordon sighed, setting his papers on the table.
“You may go now, Miss Montgomery.” 
I nodded, eyes dancing. I was in this hellhole for two whole hours, and I was glad to be able to go out. 
“Freedom!” I sighed, walking out of the department. I went behind and ally and put on my big black hoodie, I flipped it over my head so my face was covered.
I started walking to the manhole in the middle of the street around Wayne Manor, lifting it and dropping in, closing it behind me. Of course, I made sure that n o one saw me.
I took the usual route to my home and looked at the Caerulea outfit. I thought for a moment, then took off my ratty clothes. They were the same clothes I wore when I left Jack.
Rajan opened his eyes once I had it on, I smirked.
“We’re gonna go make some money, hon.” I picked him up, set him on my shoulder and crawled to the front of Gotham’s main bank.
I knew this was crazy, no one would expect it, I didn’t even plan on this. I had no experience in the field of robbing, but I’ve seen Joker do it once before, and although I was alone, I had guts, fear would hold normal people back. But I wasn’t normal. Not one bit.
If I died, then I died. What did I have to live for?
I looked at Rajan, who had gotten pretty big. He was already four months old. He would be useful, if he killed the guards before they shot him.
His life was the only one I feared for.
I lifted up the manhole and looked around; no one was around my location, the bank was a couple of feet away from me.
I lifted it up, walking to the back. Rajan followed me, I bent down next to him.
“Kill the front guards.” I whispered, he understood and ran to the front, pouncing on the guards. I took their guns and walked in, shooting the other security in the back of the room. Everyone screamed as the shots were fired, I smirked, satisfied. I pet Rajan as he walked in, his chin covered crimson.
“Now, you all will be calm and collected, you call the cops and my pet here rips you to shreds.” I snickered, walking over to the vault.
I stared at it for a moment, going to the main room and grabbing one of the bank tellers by the hair. She was a brunette with scared brown eyes. I smiled at her.
“You’re scared. That’s good, you should be. Now, go open the vault or I’ll make sure Rajan scares you even further.” 
Rajan roared a little, his roar wasn’t as strong yet, since he was young. Even so, it was louder than a lion’s. Tigers always had louder roars then lions.
He let out a low growl as the lady opened the vault, I crossed my arms, grinning in satisfaction.
Rajan and I really made a good team.
Rajan left my side and walked into the main room, making sure no one pulled any tricks, but they didn’t. They were too scared to.
I gaped when the vault opened, revealing huge stacks of money.
I like this job.

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