4: Poison Ivy

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I got up from the bed and clothed quietly so I didn’t awake Jack. I put on my fighting clothes, putting my long blue hair in pony tails at the sides. 
“Caerulea.” I softly whispered to myself, standing up, looking at the mirror. 
I walked out of the door and looked around, smirking as I saw the henchmen weren’t paying attention to me.
I ran out and took a car to drive to the place with the most plants in Gotham. I was going to find Poison Ivy.
Joker had files in his office of the locations of each criminal he could side with or kill if something happened, too, so I had that to double check.
I saw the henchmen and took out my weapon; a blue butterfly knife. I flicked it open, throwing it in the air and catching it. J taught me how to do that, by the way.
I crawled on top of the building, hiding behind a billboard as I watched Ivy’s guards walk around, their eyes were glowing green. I held in a sigh.
The villains all were working together, but Ivy didn’t get along with Joker after Alberto Falcone was caught as Holiday. She didn’t believe J when he said it might not really all be on Alberto’s plate.
One of the guards walked past the billboard, I pulled him and covered his mouth, slitting his throat and gently placing him on the floor. No one heard it.
I climbed up on the billboard and peered down at the other guard, he couldn’t see me. His back was turned, and he was looking out to the sea.
I walked next to him, he didn’t notice.
“The sea is a magnificent thing, you know.” I giggled, he turned to me, alarmed.
“I-I...” he was flustered, he held up a gun to my head, looking around for his partner.
“You know why?”
“I gotta gun pointed to your head, lady, and you askin’ me questions?” he shakily shouted, I giggled.
“Because it’s blue. Like my hair.” I said, ignoring his comment. “See for yourself!” I cried, shoving him off the building. He screamed, then plunged into the ocean, smacking a rock at the bottom. “Bye bye.” I smirked, then jumped off the building, grabbing onto the vine hanging off and swinging onto a balcony. I ducked low, crawling like a cat, hiding between the two sliding doors. I took out my knife and used the blade to check inside the house for any people.
I flicked it back shut and walked into room, hearing a giggling from the other room.
“Oh, Bane, darling. If you really think I’m that stupid, then-“ 
“We can kill Batman that way, Ivy.” Bane growled, annoyed. I walked in.
Ivy looked up from her bed of flowers, Bane, who was at the door, looked at me curiously.
“And who are you?”
“Caerulea.” I grinned.
“I’ve never heard of you.” Bane growled lowly, I crossed my arms. 
“I’m new around here. Listen,” I walked over. “If you guys really want a fight, you should go for Holiday.”
Ivy looked mad now. “Holiday is Alberto Falcone, and he is locked in the nuthouse.” 
I smirked. “Really? Are you so sure?” I laughed lightly, taking out a disk. “Got a DVD player or something, or are you guys old?”
She muttered to herself, pointing at the tv across the room. I stepped over the vines and flowers to get to it, sliding the disk in. It was a footage of one of the Holiday killings, the shadow had long hair. A trait Alberto Falcone did not possess. 
She gasped. “How did you get that?!” she was fascinated, watching the disk.
“Oh, my love and I took it before the cops did. They didn’t even know one of the deaths were video taped!” I laughed lightly. 
She watched me curiously. “And who is your love?”
I grinned a wide grin. “The Joker.”
She got angry, crossing her arms, looking away. “You should understand, as a woman, that I do not accept being wrong.”
I wickedly giggled. “Well, Holiday is still out there. The fact that you fucked up isn’t the issue here.”
“I’m keeping the tape.”
“No, you aren’t. You work with Joker and I, and I give you the tape.”
She glared at me. “I can kill you with poison gas, you know. You’re in my home, no one will stop you.”
“Your guards on the roof are dead, I could still get out the way I came in. If you try to fight me, and you win, Holiday will still be out there. If I win, well...” I smirked. “You’d be dead! Duh!”
She squinted her eyes. “Fine. Now, get out of my home.” 
“If you say so!” I climbed right back out the window and onto the roof and looked around. I sighed. I really needed to find a way to fly like the bat does, not only would it be exciting, it’d be easier to get around.
I started walking to the other side of the roof when I froze.
Jack would be mad that I came over here, since I could have died. But he wouldn’t care if he found out I allied us with Ivy once more.
Still, he was stubborn and he would be angry as ever.
I was toast.

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