16: Breaking into the Mall

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“Well, are you ready?” I asked Catwoman, who was standing beside me at the back of the mall gate.
“As ever. Here, I stole this from Batman.” she said, handing me a weird device. “It’s a Cryptographic Sequencer. We can use it to open the gates for the stores that have them.”
“Sweet!” I grinned, then started looking for an entrance in.
“Here.” she took my knife and jiggled it in the side of the back door where the door clicked, it clicked open.
“It’s not that easy.” I swung the door open and quickly ripped out the security cameras and devices before they had a chance to silence the alarm.
“Ooh, smart.” she praised, then walked around. “Could you hit the power? I can ‘t believe no one is in here to clean even.”
“I know, right? There should at least be guards or custodians...” I opened the fuse box, cutting and pulling wires. All the lights in the mall beamed on. I smirked. “Funny that in Gotham, the windows and doors in the mall don’t allow light to pass through the other side. No one will know we’re in here unless we decide to do something stupid.” 
“People in Gotham have such bad paranoia that they don’t think rationally, I swear.” she sighed, we walked into a store that had Gothic clothing and leather. I needed leather gloves.
I walked to the end of the room and found them, I picked them up and started studying them.
“Those aren’t good.” she said, seeing me examine the gloves while she herself examined some goggles.
“Why not?” I questioned. 
“Look at the inside.” I did.
“That type of leather is for fashion, not to keep you warm and safe. You need something that has warm material on the inside at least that also gives you enough flexibility in your hands.” she showed me her gloves, which were perfect.
“Hmm. I’ll see what they got in the back.” I said, walking to the stock part of the room and pulling out a box of gloves. Catwoman followed.
“Wow, dang you hit the jackpot. Those gloves are 300 a pair because only one pair is made. Sort of customized. They’re the perfect types.
I pulled out the gloves that looked like Catwoman’s, but had little pistol designs where the sides of the thumbs were, and little carved in roses at the middle of the wrist. They were pure black though, and leathery. I put them on, grabbing my other gloves and walking to the front of the store. I took one of the big bags, putting several purses and my old gloves into the bag. 
I turned and found several wigs. I grinned and snatched them.
Cat got a bag too, putting new gloves and a new set of goggles in hers. “You like wigs?” she was watching me stuff the wigs in my bag.
“Well not really, but I need them. My hair is naturally blue, so I like wigs so I can disguise myself to leave the home without being killed.” I joked.
“That must suck, I always go to parties and no one has a clue it’s really me.” she smirked, reminiscing, then followed me to the next store. This one was too girly and pink.
I wrinkled my nose. “Let’s go.”
“No, no wait look.” she pointed to isles of lingerie at the back of the room. I grinned, walking with her to the fancy little clothes. 
I mentally slapped myself. This was Victoria’s Secret, but I was too dumb to really look at the name up at the front of it.
I got new bras, underwear, sweat pants and lingerie, then went to the register, hacked it and took off the sensors with the little machine. Cat did the same.
“How many times have you hacked a mall?” she asked after a moment of taking tags and sensors off. I grinned.
“This is my first time.”
She looked at me, shocked, then smirked. “Well, you’re good at it.”
“Joker ran me through things I had to look out for when robbing a place, he’s quite the perfectionist when it comes to his team robbing.” 
“Hm, maybe I should work with you guys one time then.” success.
“Stop by tomorrow at around three and we could set something up.” I smiled. She thought for a moment, then nodded. 
“Alright, sure. Are we done here?” 
I looked around. “Do you want anything more?”
“I think I’m good. Anyways, if I ever need anything more I’ll hit you up.” she smirked, I smirked as well.
“Sounds like a plan.” I said, then walked out of the mall with her.
“See you later, Caerulea.” she said, jumping onto the edges of the building next to us, to the roof and out of sight. 
I turned and started walking to the way back home.
When I got home, I opened the door and found Joker talking to two of the new henchmen, Juggle and Art. 
He turned to me when I got in, then smirked. “How’d it go?”
“She’s coming by around three tomorrow to discuss plans, since she said she would like to work with us one time after being impressed by how cleverly we went through everything in the mall.” I grinned. 
His eyes brightened. “Excellent, my dear.” he pulled me close. Juggle and Art cleared their throats, then quickly scurried out of the room. Joker chuckled. “How amusing...” he murmured.
“These Henchmen are actually smart.” he exclaimed, I grinned.
“What makes you say that?”
“They know when I want some alone time with my lady.” he kissed me, then pulled me to the bedroom.

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