14: Catwoman

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“Jokey, baby!” I screamed. Him and I lived together again. His place, of course.
“Yes, Caer?” He shouted back. When henchmen were around, we called each other by alias. We couldn’t risk using names. I walked over to him so we weren't shouting across the room.
“When are we doing the Holiday case?”
“Sadly, I already worked with Dent.”
“Seriously?” I sighed.
“Well, didn’t you see the new DA’s body on the news?”
My jaw dropped. “That was you?”
“No, it was Dent. I was holding her in her place with Scarecrow, and Dent shot her in the head. It got all over me.” he grumbled.
“Dear god,” I muttered. “Well what is there to do now?” I groaned. I pulled him close, entwining fingers.
“We found out who Holiday was.”
“Sophia Falcone.”
Sophia Falcone, Alberto Falcone’s sister. She let her own brother take the blame, though he pretty much set himself by saying he himself was Holiday. When he got out of the Asylum, though, she shouldn’t have took up the job and continued it. It put Alberto under the knife. He did end up dying, of course.
“And Calender Man?”
“Oh he’s....” he sighed. “Complicated story, Calender Man was original Holiday, something along those lines.
“What is there to do NOW?” I growled.
“Well, we need Catwoman. (This is not in any specific comic this is my own made up stuff) She knows some stuff about Bats.”
“And how do you know?” I sighed.
“Have you seen how close they get?”
I thought for a moment, then smirked. “We don’t have to lure her in violently, right?”
“It’s just fun that way.” he started to walk to the kitchen, I followed.
“But I know I could get close to her.”
“You’re not going lesbian on me, are you?” he raised his eyebrow.
“What? No. Just because she’s hot doesn’t mean I’m gonna do anything.” I sighed, he raised his eyebrow, then let it go.
“I meant I could be her friend, she’s mutual so I could be friends with her with her knowing I am a criminal. Not good nor bad. Well, both. I’m sure we could bond over robbing the main mall in Gotham. Why not?”
“And how would you find her?”
“Please.” I said with sass, lifting up a finger at him. “Have you seen Gotham where those crates are? She likes to climb on that stuff, you find those and I guarantee you’ll find one of her hangout spots.”
“Can I trust you on this?”
“Did my help work out last time?”
He muttered, looking down. I grinned widely. He didn’t want to admit it, but I was a huge help.
“See.” I said, crossing my arms, giving a huge smile. He muttered once more.
“Fine.” he growled. I clapped.
“Good, when should I find her?”
He groaned, putting his hands on his face, carefully not getting any of the paint on his gloved hands.
“Tonight. Be careful, I don’t trust you out at night.” he sighed.
“I have good vision at night, hush.” I frowned.
“Yes, but Catwoman has special goggles for nighttime. If she doesn’t like you in her territory, she could sneak up on you and you’d not know until it happens.”
I crossed my arms.
“Then if you’re so worried, get me goggles.”
“Get you goggles?”
“Yes. Did I stutter?”
He frowned at my attitude, but shrugged. “There aren’t just goggles. There are contacts that help.
I grinned. “I want those!”
He led me to where he kept all his equipment, entered in a code that only him and I knew and walked in, shutting the door behind us. He moved a shelf and opened one of the five safes, taking out a box.
“These are new.” he said, giving them to me. I nodded, I put them on and looked at him. He turned the light off.
“Can you see, doll?”
It was pitch black, but I could still see. I could see him because the contacts read body heat so I knew he was in the room. I snuck over and kissed him, he didn’t jump, but he kissed back.
“Aww, I wanted to scare you.” I pouted, sad.
“Well, babe, you can’t do something so predictable then.” he kissed me, hugging me close.
“I promise I’ll be careful tonight.”
“You better.”

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