11: Nice to See You Again

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When I got home, Rajan ran up to me. I laughed, putting my wig onto the little stand Gordon had gotten with it.
“Ya miss me?” I questioned, sitting down and petting him.
Looking into his eyes, I could tell he did. I smiled, kissing his forehead. 
“We have a job tonight...” I grinned, Rajan ran around the room all excited, then slid onto the wooden floor in front of me, flipping so he was on his back. I started to rub his tummy.
“We’re going to make sure Gotham knows us, darling. We’re going to destroy Gotham’s main law office, then stroll the streets of Gotham and make such an awesome introduction to the civilians who don’t know who we are!” I clapped happily, Rajan ran to his den. I had some awesome armor for him that he went to go fetch, I dressed in my Caerulea outfit.
Rajan ran up, the armor in his teeth, he held it in a way that he didn’t bend it. What a smart kitty.
I bent down and helped him with the armor, putting the customized armor on his paws. I had designed a metal that could easily bend around his paws comfortably, but protects him from any attacker or rough terrain. The armor had a material on the bottom that helped him run faster on concrete, tile, sand, you name it. It had a spot where his claws were out, since he liked using his claws when fighting.
I had made sure his tail was well armored too, since people would probably aim for his tail. Rajan always growled whenever I touched his tail, but not because he was mad . Just because it was usually hit whenever we did a job. I was able to make bendable metal for it, so he could easily move it but anyone who tried to hit it ended up just getting a pissed off lion attacking their face.
It was light outside still, so this was perfect. I brought Rajan to the secret base in the backyard. I flipped aside a manhole covered by flowers and plants, walking down the stairs I had added to it. It was a pretty big opening, but the manhole had the best disguise. I had spent hours working on it.
Lights started turning on as Rajan and I went down the stairs, we approached the black van I used while out on these jobs. Rajan hopped into the spacious back of the van, nibbling on a deer leg I had gotten for him to snack on. A little space in a random alley is where my van emerged from, it had a large cement flooring that slid back to reveal a ramp I drove up to to get out of the ground, I made sure that had the space made my house was untracable. I had many codes for the route I took programed in my van so no one could get past all of the security walls. 
We got to the law office, I watched as the men I hired started walking to the van. They jumped into the back, flinching when Rajan growled at them.
“You’re lucky I gave him something to eat, because if I didn’t, you’d be his meal.” I giggled, then turned to them. “Set up all the bombs, boys?” 
“Of co-course.” one of them spoke, I grinned. “Good. Now, your work is done. The rest is all up to me. Now get out.”
They obeyed, running out. Rajan didn’t like any of them. I didn’t blame him.
I got out with Rajan, people gasped when they saw us. I grinned and smiled. The main headboards in Gotham started flashing, and then Rajan and I appeared on them. So Gotham’s news crew wanted good footage of this? Well, alright.
“I am Cerulea, and this is Rajan.” I chuckled darkly, petting Rajan’s head. It was covered by armor, of course.
My voice was booming loud, the building behind me exploded, I laughed as chunks fell from the burning mess. Gasps filled the air around me, police sirens were starting to come into sound.
“This is a message to all of you. Leave me alone, and I will leave you alone. Savvy?” I smirked. “Oh, and tell Batman this is my town. Not his.” I got into the van and ran over one of the security guards, Rajan roared in joy. The cops couldn’t even touch us, they were too late to find us.
When I got back to the house, I parked the van in the secret lair, then walked up back to the house. Rajan went to his den, I started peeling off my clothes and changing into my new ones. I yawned, then froze.
Something was behind me.
I slowly turned, meeting dark brown eyes. 
The man with the clown makeup smiled a smile so familiar. I took a step back.
He crossed his arms. “Nice to see you again.”

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