10: Memory Lane

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I was a good liar. I just spoke lies to Gordon, though most of it was the truth. I only lied about me not being Caerulea, and that I wasn’t familiar with Joker and his schemes.
But that wasn’t what was on my mind, a heavy weight was pulling me down as I walked home. Memories were hitting me left and right...

“Happy birthday Evangeline!” a cheerful voice rang, I smiled and turned to hug my mother. She had bright green eyes and long, brown hair. It always reminded me of the sea, though it wasn’t blue it flowed as if it was. She was my role model, and I loved her.
“Thanks, mom!” I giggled softly, I picked up my jacket. “I’m going to go meet up with Jen, alright?”
“Aw, honey! Bring her home so we can all celebrate together!” she spoke, her bottom lip poked out in a pout. I laughed softly, my mom was a bit childish. I never grew up, either, being sixteen couldn’t stop my bubbly, childish personality.
“Alright, I will.”
“Alright, also tell Jennifer I say hello, even though I’ll see her in a couple hours!” she chuckled, my dad walked in. He had black hair, it was slightly blue, which is probably where I got the gene for blue hair. It was pretty weird though, so I don’t think my dad in particular had anything to do with the gene. He had sea blue eyes that was the color of my hair. He smiled at me, then hugged my mom around the waist. They never fell out of love, they were the best couple I knew. Most of my friends had divorced parents, or parents that were bored with each other, but my parents never lost their spark.
“Have fun, Eva.” My father smiled at me, I nodded and returned the smile. I walked out, the cold air hitting me and causing me to shiver. I liked it, though. It didn’t affect me. 
I walked to the car my parents had gotten for me and got in, even though I had just started driving they had given me a top notch car. 
I drove to Jen’s house and knocked on the door. Her father opened, he smiled, his face crinkling a bit with age.
“Why hello there Eva! I’ll go get Jen for you, hold on.” he went to go fetch her, coming back in five minutes with Jen. She smiled and hugged me.
“Hey Eva, thanks for picking me up.” I hugged back. 
Jen was my best friend, she had brown, nearly black hair and hazel eyes, matched with tanned skin.
“No problem. Now, let’s go to my house. My mom wants us both there.”
“Oh, and my mom says hi.” I chuckled, then smiled at her father, who nodded in approval.
“Alright, drive safe!” he kissed Jen on the forehead and then closed the door.
When we got to my house, we had the best birthday party of my life. We danced, we sung, we watched movies, and I got the best presents ever. I received an iPod, a stack of Philosophy books, and a necklace from Jen.

...It was one of my happiest memories.
I bit my lip, shaking my head, trying to shake the memories away. That life was dead and gone, I hadn’t talked to Jen since I entered Arkham...

“Guess what day it is?” a voice whispered in my ear, my cheeks turned red, I felt his breath tickle my neck.
“How could I forget, Sam? Our anniversary.” I laughed lightly. I was eighteen, going away to college soon, but he was coming with me. We had been together for two years.
“I got you something.” he said, eyeing me seriously. He turned me to look at him in his beautiful grey eyes, I was surprised to see how much passion were in them.
“I got you something, too.” I smiled softly, handing him a box. He took it and smiled, opening it. 
“Wow...” he breathed, it was a bunch of art supplies, the whole thing costed me five hundred dollars. It took a while to earn that money, and I was so glad he liked it. “Thanks, babe!” he kissed me, I kissed back. Then, he pulled away, looking me in the eyes.
“Now it’s time for your present....” he got down on one knee, my heart skipped a beat. He opened a little black box, revealing a big, shining diamond ring.
“Will you marry me?” he smiled softly, his perfect set of teeth showing slightly.
“Of course!” I cried, he slipped the ring on me and spun me around, I held onto him tight.

...Sam and I were together up to the time he found out I was going to Arkham. We were engaged for a long time to save up for an amazing money, he took back his half, so I took back mine. I had lost all emotion for him when I was put in, I haven’t talked to him since. I didn’t want to, he was no longer the one I wanted...

I got the letter in the mail, my fingers gripping onto the letter. I ripped it open, my eyes bulged when I saw the letter.
“I got accepted!” I cried out, my mother and father hugged me happily, I was crying in joy. I had wanted to go to Harvard, the University of Cambridge was too far for me, so I didn’t want to go there. Even though I got a full ride to both, Harvard called my name, it was the second best, but to me it was number one.
“We’re so proud of you, honey!” my mother was in tears. I’d be going away, so I wouldn’t see her until I got back.
“Don’t worry mommy-o! I’ll be back before you know it!”

...I stopped walking...

“I’m home, mom and dad!”
My parents ran in, they saw me and gasped.
“You’re home already!” My mother hugged me tight, I laughed.
“And I’m not leaving Gotham again, I’ll always be with you guys.”

...I collapsed on the floor, holding my head.
I was so different back then.
It was all gone now, and I was a new person.
I was Caerulea, and I would make all of Gotham fall at my feet.
I stood up, a new light in my eyes. I would make damn sure to make something of myself.

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