22: All My Love

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Two weeks had passed, and Jack still hadn’t gone back to me on what he thought about the whole baby thing. It was starting to worry me, I was so depressed since the night I told him. It had to be done, but the response was too sad for me to bear, really.
Jack was just coming home from work, I hadn’t joined him since the news was told. He didn’t protest, either. He was just walking through the door when I ran to him and hugged him close, tears streaming down my face.
He tensed, looking down at me. I was looking into his eyes with sad, pleading eyes and a pouty mouth.
“I’m sorry for whatever it is that bothers you about this, but just don’t hate me forever!” I cried out, he blinked, flustered. He was speechless.
Well, for a moment at least.
“I...I don’t hate you, I just don’t know how to act with all of this....” he looked away. I started to cry harder.
“Just....Just please don’t leave me, I love you!”
I don’t know what was wrong with me, I was just so sad and emotional at the moment. It was probably the hormones, it was just so scary to me thinking that he could just kick me out, go on with his life and go for another woman. It probably wasn’t hard for him to, he surprisingly had very good skills when it came to hitting on women and making them fall for him. I have had some problems with some of the captives and henchmen about that, since some of them fell for his charms.
They didn’t defy me when I told them to back off, though. They knew he was mine and mine only.
“Calm down, Eva. It’s okay, it’s fine, if you really want it then fine, I just don’t think I could be there.” he sighed. “I have such a complicated job, and so do you. But I don’t think you should go on with your job, but I have no choice.”
“I have Rajan to protect us, though!”
“Rajan is a tiger, babe. He isn’t that smart.”
A long growl was heard from the top of the stairs, as the giant tiger pranced down the steps three at a time, rushing to my side and growling at Jack. Jack raised an eyebrow on him.
“See? He can understand you quite well!” I spoke as if I was a little kid trying to reason with her father. Jack grumbled.
“Yeah but can he open doors?”
I face palmed. “What does that have to do with anythi–“
Jack and I turned to see an opened door, Rajan sitting in front of it with a proud expression. Jack’s jaw dropped, I smirked at him.
“Suck on that! Wooh!” I started to dance, Jack laughed.
“Well, sweetie, if you really want this baby and for it to stay in you for the whole nine months, you shouldn’t go out and work, because I can bet you three thousand dollars that you will get kicked in the stomach pretty hard. Happens to me all the time!” he snickered, I don’t know what was with the mood change, but it was okay.
“Alright...Well, are you going to accept this?”
He sighed. “Yes, I do.”
I hugged him tight. “I have so many ideas, babe, it’s just so amazing what I came up with!”
He looked exhausted, I was relieved when he nodded for me to go on, it showed me that he actually cared. I squealed and brought him up to the bedroom, snuggling with him.
“I think we should find out the baby’s gender as soon as it is born, so we are prepared with clothes and a perfect name! It’s going to be the most beautiful baby ever, and you’re going to love it, I promise you that you’ll get along with the kid! Maybe when it gets older, you could teach it some of your clever ways and teach it how to ride a bike and hold it when it has a bad dream and-“
“As much as I love your tongue moving as fast as it is, I can’t understand what you’re saying.” he snickered, I hid my face at his dirty joke, blushing a deep red.
“Well hello there perverted thoughts in Jack’s head.” I snickered, then cuddled. “Hey Jack?”
“Why did you ignore me for the last two weeks?”
“Ignore is such a strong word....”
“Fine. You didn’t talk to me much though....Why?”
He sighed. “I was scared.”
This was quite an interesting set of words coming through Jack’s mouth. I sat up.
“Well, don’t be. We’re both going to work on this, alright?” I spoke softly, gently running my fingers along his scars. He nodded slightly, then fell asleep.
I turned off the lights, and snuggled against him, loving the feel of his steady breathing against me.

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