15: Planning

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“Are you sure about this, Caer?”
“Do you have your contacts?”
“Do you have your butterfly knife, pistol and whip?”
“Yes.” (Yes, I have a whip like Catwoman. Sorry, there isn’t much of a selection of a way to fight and climb on building without falling to your death.)
“Do you have your cell phone?”
“Joker, I’m not a five year old, I worked well on my own, now let me go already!” I huffed, angry.
He sighed, kissing me. I kissed back. “Sorry, I’m just....” 
He was thinking of what happened to Jeannie when he wasn’t by her side. I could tell this was hard for him.
“It’s okay, I’ll be back in a couple of hours.” I sighed, then walked out of the home. I went to the allyways in The Narrows, snapping my whip back, then flinging it forward, so it held onto apartment emergency stairs. I pulled myself up the stairs, then climbed the rest of the way.
I ran to the next building, jumping, landing on my feet. I nearly didn’t make it. I did it again, and again until I finally got the very edge of the building and started to fall. I gasped, flinging the whip to the billboard at the top of the building and pulling myself onto the building. I lay on the roof, catching my breath.
I heard the crack of a whip and looked up to see the person I was looking for, walking to me.
“You’re new at the whip thing, aren’t you?”
“In a way.” I stood up. “I just haven’t used it in so long.”
She thought for a moment, putting one of her pointy, gloved finger on her chin. “You’re Caerulea, the new villain, right? Ivy’s told me about you.”
“Yes, I am.”
“And you’re Joker’s girl.”
I grinned. “Indeed.”
She chuckled. “I’ve seen you around. Batman’s been looking for you everywhere about that one dead girl, Evangeline.”
I laughed at that. “What’s so special about that girl?” this was funny, talking about myself.
“Every criminal thought she was you. Just no one thought you’d end up killing her.”
“I killed her because everyone assumed me as her. I’ll have no copycats.”
She smirked. “And cats are the only ones that copy? Last time I checked, the knife was Joker’s weapon, the gun was Two-Face’s weapon, and the whip was my weapon.”
“Well ouch.” I joked.
“I’m kidding.”
“So am I.”
She started to circle me. “So, don’t you have somewhere to be?”
“Well I was just...Exploring this part of Gotham, I haven’t really been around here before.
“Ah, alright.” she started to inspect her claws.
“I’m planning on shutting down and robbing the mall tomorrow, care to join? Joker’ll be off doing something else and I need to have an opinion when I’m shopping.”
She snickered. “Well I should join. I need to shop, too. Don’t you know any other female criminals?”
“Well, I’m pretty sure Ivy hates me, but other than her I only personally know Joker and Scarecrow. And I’m not planning on taking Scarecrow.”
She chuckled. “Alright, what time?”
“11 at night. Mall should be closed by then so we’ll have longer to shop.”
“Sounds good. This isn’t some trap, is it?”
“If it was, you’d know by now.” I said, then took out my phone. I was already gone for an hour. “I gotta go.”
“So do I. Bye.” and with that, she was gone. She disappeared pretty quickly. 
“Hm.” I mused, then went back home.
When I stepped foot in the house, Jack skipped over to me. “How did it go?” he questioned, I could tell he was in a playful mood.
“Good, we’re hanging tomorrow at 11 to rob the mall. Shopping, whoo!” I giggled, he rolled his eyes.
“Girl crap, right?”
“Hey hey hey, I’m buying you things too. Some of the bloodstains won’t wash off of your clothes anymore.” I shrugged, kissing him.
He pulled me close, kissing back. His lips were soft and warm, I smiled into the kiss.
“Go to bed. We both have a big day tomorrow.” 
He snickered. “Come with me then.”
I grinned. “Oh trust me, I am.”

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