5: Leaving

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I walked into the house, hearing a growl. My ears perked up, I turned to look at the thing that made the sound. It was Jack, dressed up as Joker, hands balled up as fists at his sides, eyes glowering angrily.
I couldn’t feel fear, but at the moment I was pretty close to it.
“Heeeeeeeeeeeeyyyy, baby!” I smiled, running over and hugging him.
“Eva. Stop.” his body went stiff, I pulled away, poking my bottom lip out at him.
“But why? Why are you mad at me?”
He shook his head. “Why did you go out dressed as that?”
“Because, all that shabangalang with Dent is done, so it wouldn’t be bad if-“
“Fine, but, uh, why is there blood on your tie?” he angrily questioned. My eyes widened. I looked down.
“Oh, that...Ya see, there’s a logical explanation for that, nice makeup by the way, done very well, anyways, I uh, went to visit a...friend...”
“Who?!” he shouted, I cringed.
“Poison Ivy.” I whispered, he grabbed me by the tie and pulled me towards him, but kept our faces at a distance so I could clearly see his angry face.
“WHY would you go there?! Are you stupid?! Have you lost your mind?!” he shouted, I blinked. I wasn’t scared at this point, I was ashamed. He made me feel horrible.
“She didn’t know I was with you until after I-“
“I don’t care!”
I kept my mouth shut. I didn’t ever disobey him. I looked down at the floor.
There was silence for a moment, then he shoved me onto the floor. I gasped softly, rubbing my lower back.
I heard a soft growling and turned to see Rajan in his feral position, glowering at Jack. He trotted over to me and snuggled up against me.
“Why would you go there?!”
He never let me finish, so why would he care?
“I got you an ally. She is your ally.”
“Who else was there?!”
This set him off even more, he picked up the couch by the front and flipped it over, it slammed into a counter that held a vase with flowers in it. The vase fell off the counter, dropping to the floor and shattering. The flowers drooped on the floor in a puddle. 
I looked up at him.
“He is known to crush every bone in a body without even making the victim bleed out. He is just that good at breaking bones. You’re weak and stupid, he could have easily killed you!”
I felt tears brim my eyes, I looked to Rajan. He looked at me, concerned. 
I never cried. Jack made me feel things I’ve never felt before.
“The definition of stupid is the lacking in common sense, perception, or normal intelligence. Or, tediously dull, especially due to lack of meaning or sense; inane; pointless.....Do you really think I am stupid, Jack?” I looked up at him in the eyes.
His eyes were hard, I could see no emotion in them.
“I don’t want to answer that.” he sighed.
I got up and picked up Rajan, going to the room J and I shared and set the baby tiger on the bed. I put on the tv and leaned back, sighing.
I watched Pirates of the Carribean for a little, not really tuned into the movie. I was thinking about Jack.
I agreed that I messed up, but I didn’t think he’d do what he did. He was so mean, he’s never been mean to me before since the time I’ve met him.
I froze, thinking about it now. 
Did he use me just to get out of the Asylum? I knew he used lot of people from the Asylum to fight alongside him but I didn’t really think he would use me.
I sighed, shaking my head. I was partly in denial, partly dealing with the miserable thought. 
I ran my fingers through my hair, biting my lip. I glanced over at Rajan, he curled up into a ball next to me and started to purr cutely.
I couldn’t live here. I could have a normal life, if I walked out and ran into the streets of Gotham, they would think I was just one of the Joker’s hostages. I’d probably be tested for whether or not I was sane, and I would easily pass. I wasn’t crazy, just hyper.
I got up and started packing my things, Jack walked in and gave me a hard look.
“What are you doing?”

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