24: The End

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“I don’t want to make you feel weird, but why don’t you feel comfortable with the baby?”
He sighed. “Because I’m probably going to be a shitty dad.”
I rested my head on his chest. “Read baby books. I’ll be here with you every step of the way, like hopefully you’ll be with me. It takes two to make a baby and it’s easier to raise one with two people.”
His hand gently stroked my arm, he kept me close to him comfortingly. “Well, I don’t know, doll.”
“Come on, boo.”
He sighed. “Well, I mean, my father was a douche, and I have a feeling I’ll lash out on my kid like he lashed out on me.”
“You won’t, because you’ll have that reminder hanging over your head.”
He was quiet for a moment. “How about you? How were your parents?”
I closed my eyes and bit my lip. “Supportive. Cool. Fun. You would have loved them...They showed me how much family mattered. And that’s what I would love to show you...”
“I just don’t see why we can’t get rid of it, to be honest.”
I sat up, turning to look at him with stern eyes. “They say a woman becomes a mother the moment she finds out she’s carrying a baby, but a man becomes a father as soon as he holds his child for the first time. I’m thinking the baby will soften you up after it’s born.”
“And what if that isn’t the case?” he paused to ponder. “What if I don’t like the kid?”
“You will. Because it’s your child, and you made it with me, and you love me. You love me, right?”
“Of course I do. If I didn’t, I would have never broken you out of the Asylum.” 
My eyes were soft, staring into his. I smiled softly, feeling those butterflies in my stomach. I leaned down to kiss him, our lips locking perfectly in the sweetest kiss. “You’re my soul mate.”
“And you are mine.”
“Which means we’d have the perfect soul-mate baby.” I smirked, he chuckled, putting his hands behind his head.
“Alright, fine. I trust you. Only because you’re so freaking adorable.” 
I playfully placed the print of my pointer finger on my lower lip, looking up in one of my mischievous expressions, then pulled something out from underneath our bed. It was a big box with a thin layer of dust I had to wipe off before opening or I’d cover Jack with it on accident and piss him off. 
“What’s that?” he questioned, pulling himself with his forearms.
“You’ll see.” I said cheerfully, pulling out the items from the box. A brown teddy bear with a sewed up battle scar on his left side, a slightly aged journal, a snow globe that had a beautiful little fantasy home in it that played a sweet little lullaby, and my great grandmother’s jewelry box. The jewelry box had a pocket watch, a pearl necklace and her beautiful wedding ring in it.
“The teddy bear was mine when I was a little girl. I ripped it on accident when I got into the silverware in the kitchen. My grandma sewed it up, and I want the baby to enjoy it like I did. The journal is mine, age six to age eighteen. The snow globe was my grandma's, who loved collecting things like this, and the jewelry box is my great grandmother’s, which have been the main family heirlooms for the women. My brother inherited my great grandfather’s jewelry case. Including his nice, old fashioned wrist watch that’s probably worth a fortune now...” I sighed.
He smiled. “That’s cool how you have all of that stuff. Don’t let the henchmen see it.”
“They touch it, I’ll go armature surgeon and them and switch their genders.”
“Ooh, sounds fun!” he grinned, I rolled my eyes playfully. 
“It’ll only be fun for me.” I smiled, then got up and walked over to the iPod.
“Don’t pick any shitty music.”
I put on Linkin Park.
“What did I tell you?” he sighed. My jaw dropped.
“Excuse me, they rock. Suck it.” I joked, sitting next to him.
“They’re too overplayed on the radio.”
“Well, looks like I’ve got a hipster as a boyfriend.” I teased.
He smirked. “I’m not a hipster, I just know when enough is enough.”
I nearly laughed at that comment. He took things out of proportion sometimes. But, of course, like I suspected he would, he slowly started getting into the music.
“What did I tell you?” I questioned, folding my arms smugly.
“Oh, hush.”
I giggled, gently pushing his arm playfully.

I knew things with the Joker would end the way I wanted them to; we were going to have a very interesting family, but hey, at least it wouldn't be boring. I will never forget the day that Joker saved me from Arkham Asylum, and made me his.


Sequel name: Asylum Romance

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