2: Rajan and Plans

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“Oh. My. GOD!!!” I shrieked, scooping up the tiger in my arms and cradling him close to me.
“You like it?” he asked, leaning against the door frame as he watched me hold the baby tiger close, I was squealing.
“He is so cute!” 
I looked into the eyes grey eyes of the tiger, it looked up at me in fascination. 
He let out a tiny cry, I snuggled him. 
“What are you going to name him?” Joker asked, I smirked.
“Rajan.” I whispered softly, running up the stairs of the warehouse and onto the rooftop. I lifted Rajan up in the air. “Nants ingonyama bagithi baba! Sithi uhhmm ingonyama!” I shouted, Jack, of course, behind me.
“It’s not a lion though, my sweet.” 
“Still, he needs his proper greeting!” I snuggled him close and then ran back down and bursted into a room. I set Rajan in it and ran outside, grabbing big exotic plants around the place and running into the room where Rajan was. He let out a cry as I set up the stuff, trying to get up into my arms.
“Hold on, dearest! I’m busy!” I continued setting up everything, stopping when I turned and saw Rajan’s face.
He had the look of determination in his face, and, in a second, the little ball of fur flew up into the air, arms extended. I watched with wide eyes as he made himself comfortable for landing.
He landed on my shoulder, his nails digging into my flesh. I merely giggled, his claws weren’t big enough to hurt me.
He snuggled his little furry body against me, I let him rest on my shoulder.
“Henchmen!” I shouted, ten of them walked in, eyeing my bleeding shoulder with a cute little lion on it. “I want this place to look like a lion habitat, got it? You guys to the research, you better know where these guys live.”
“Where do they?”
I looked at the henchmen as if he was stupid. I raised an eyebrow. “Figure it out, ahurrdurr.” I rolled my eyes, then ran over to Joker. He grabbed my arm, lifting Rajan off of my shoulder.
Rajan growled and let out a tiny roar, Joker silenced him with hard eyes. Rajan curled up into a little ball on the floor. 
“You’re lucky he’s yours, or I would have hit him with my van already.” he grumbled, he started treating my wound.
“Babe, don’t say things like that.”
“Oh, but sweetheart, I am the Joker, and that’s my way of joking. You should, uh, know that.” he grinned at me, I pouted.
“But but but but...”
“As much as I like your butt,” he snickered at his cheesy joke, brown orbs sparkling as he snickered. “I don’t want to hear you repeatedly talk about it.” 
I giggled, blushing. “You have a great ass, as well.” he rolled his eyes, sighing.
“You are just so uniquely different, my dear.” he was working on my shoulder, I smirked.
“Just for you.”
Him and I locked eyes, he leaned in and placed his lips on mine, my eyes fluttered closed.
He finished patching me up and then pulled me close, then twirled me around. “Ah, my dear, you and I will have excellent times together, I just know it!” he squealed, I smiled.
“When are we going to go public?” I questioned.
“After Harvey’s dealt with.” he kissed my cheek.
“And Holiday?”
Holiday was a criminal that Joker was trying to get at before, no one knew his or her true identity. People assumed it was many people, including Harvey Dent, Bruce Wayne, Salvatore Maroni, even Carmine Falcone, but that was all thrown out of the window after Alberto Falcone, his son, was killed.
Joker didn’t like him, he felt he was the only psychopath allowed in Gotham.
“I already talked to Calendar Man in the Asylum, and he had nothing to say.” he sighed. I smiled.
“It’s okay, sugar, you’ll get that bastard!”
He smirked. “I’m glad I have someone like you, my love.” he kissed me, I smirked.
“I have a lot of plans.” I sighed. “I have a list of plans, each involving criminals. We need Deadshot, Zsaz, and Harvey Dent to work for us.”
“Zsaz is in the Asylum still, Deadshot is hard to find, and Harvey Dent hasn’t snapped yet.”
“But we are an awesome duo, my sweet. They will end up having to work for us” I smirked.

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